Biden is likely working to change the filibuster rules

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — US House of Representatives majority Whip Jim Clyburn is likely to be driving a Senate rule change behind the scenes with his longtime ally President Joe Biden on Wednesday. He said he felt. Election Act or other constitutional amendments.

A South Carolina Democrat responded to a question from the Associated Press, saying, “I don’t care if he uses a microphone or a phone. Whether he thinks Biden is playing a role, such as contacting the Senator. “. “I think he’s on the phone,” said Congressman.

Earlier this month, Cliburn told Politico that he felt “supported” by Biden’s idea of ​​creating a carve-out to the Senate filibuster for legislation applicable to the Constitution. A simple majority, not 60 votes.

Asked if Biden agrees to call for an exemption from such filibuster, White House spokesman Jen Psaki named Clyburn on the administration’s agenda as “a good friend of the president” and “an important partner” on Monday. He called, but the filibuster change was “frankly made by members of the Senate, not by this president or any other president, to move forward.”

“I think President Biden should be weighted,” Cliburn said Wednesday, adding that the Senate is technically aware that it needs to change its own rules.

House’s third Democrat and its highest-ranking black member, Cliburn, was a major supporter of Biden’s agenda, but their relationship is much deeper. Cliburn’s vital support Candidates for Biden to stand up for their benefit before the 2020 Democratic primary in South Carolina appears to have regained Biden’s candidacy from the brink following sluggish performances in other early states. It served as a long-awaited signal for many black voters to be.

Biden eventually won nearly 30 percent of South Carolina’s primary, quickly defeating other Democratic rivals in one of the most muscular comebacks in the history of the presidential election.

Cliburn spoke with reporters on Wednesday prior to a town hall meeting in his district.Recently he Stopped 5 times Includes an extended child tax credit that pays qualified parents up to $ 300 per month in rural and low-income communities to promote the Biden administration’s US rescue program.

He is also driving the expansion of Medicaid in states that have not yet done so, including South Carolina.


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