Biden is not Trump. He is a disaster in itself.


Drew Angeler / Getty

Drew Angeler / Getty

Joe Biden was the perfect president candidate..

No other plausible Democratic candidate would have defeated Donald Trump in 2020. Biden’s friendly and decent attitude was in stark contrast to Trump’s malignant and vulgar image. It is impossible for Trump to demonize him Like he did Hillary Clinton. If shameless was Trump’s superpower, Biden would have been completely impressed. Similarly, Mr. Obama’s loyal second place was too old to be contacted and unnoticed, let alone “I woke up “Twitter— “Biden Coalition of White Men “.. Finally, as creepy to say this, list the candidates who would have benefited more from the pandemic. Forced him to campaign from the basement.. In short, Biden was completely cast to defeat Trump in the strange year of 2020. Still, the election was still too close and uncomfortable.

But just because he was the right candidate to beat Trump doesn’t mean that Biden was actually the right candidate. Become President. If this wasn’t clear yet, it’s now.Biden administration’s hopes and dreams Remake America It’s starting to crumble. The story of becoming the next FDR now seems naive and arrogant. That’s right My warning about aiming for LBJ Suddenly looks eerily prophetic (Pay attention to what you want). Trump’s evil madness, in contrast to the predictable rebound relationship, has made many stick to the hope that Biden will be the savior of the “Meeting of Jesus and JFK.”

I felt a lot of sadness saying I couldn’t vote for either man in 2020, but what’s happening in Afghanistan now shows why the decisions of both men disqualified them. ..Biden laughed Wrong in all major foreign policy decisions for decadesSo why do we expect him to do this right? Many of his previous shortcomings (“You can’t go to Seven-Eleven or Dunkin’Donuts without a slight Indian accent”) and mistakes (“Stand up and chuck!! “), Biden was a more harmless Trump before Trump raised him one. What is happening now is what we should expect. This means that Biden is Biden, just as the Taliban is doing about the Taliban. If Trump burned out all of our angry receptors and didn’t change the window of acceptable behavior, that’s what we might have expected.

Joe Biden’s surrender is an ugly, unnecessary disaster

On Monday, Biden took a break from Camp David’s vacation and gave a speech at the White House, but lived on our screen with little admission of the disaster happening on his watch. Instead, he blames his predecessor, saying: [Trump] We have agreed to withdraw our troops or escalate the conflict and send thousands more US troops back into combat, lurking in 30 years of conflict. He also accused Afghanistan’s political leaders (who) gave up and fled the country, and accused Afghan troops of not fighting for themselves. It was a transparent attempt to change the subject from Biden’s moody and humiliating retreat to whether he should be in Afghanistan in the first place.

Biden is not Trump, but like Trump, he ignores the advice of military leaders and makes reckless decisions, arguing that Americans should believe in him rather than liar eyes, but fighting and stubbornly. I gave a speech to show that. Biden vowed not to allow another Saigon on his watch, and now it’s happening that you’re listening to his speech on Monday before returning to Camp David without asking a question. I did not know.

Rebellious Biden Doubles Afghanistan’s Withdrawal: “I Stand Right Behind My Decision”

It’s amazing how quickly Biden’s aspirations seem to collapse. Less than a week after the infrastructure bill passed the Senate, there was some optimism. But “hot Joe’s summer” is already confused and winter is coming. Twenty years later, even if the American people were indifferent to the plight of Afghanistan (or by the time 2024 would come), I have recorded the following looming problems: inflation, Violent crime, And out of control Border— Problem Biden was initially rejected as “temporary” or “periodic.” There was also a statement of his “independence from COVID-19”. With the rise of the Delta variant Very premature “mission completed” declaration.

So far, the general public and the media have mainly given Biden all these paths. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Biden duck said a reporter’s question about Afghanistan: “I want to talk about happiness, man.” But the fall of Kabul may be the point where Americans see this kind old man. He essentially stopped believing in him, “Trust me. Everything will work.” After that, it never returns.

So far, Biden is at risk of getting stuck in COVID-19 and Afghanistan.What’s amazing is that Trump is primarily responsible Both of them.. The problems that Trump helped create could blossom under Biden and create an ironic rationale for activating Biden and electing Trump. That would be a really weird feedback loop, but the public then blames the guy on duty.

Imagine the madness of a country going from Trump to Biden if going from Trump to Biden was in the fire from a frying pan. return To playing cards. This can occur primarily due to fluctuations inherent in our nomination process and the two-party system. This isn’t really a way to run a railroad, much less a country.

Are these two highly flawed addicts really as good as it gets? wait. Please do not answer.

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