Biden is trying to keep the surprising flow of minority voters away from the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections

New coronavirus delta variants are skyrocketing across the country, and his infrastructure proposals could be involved in a variety of political obstacles, but President Joe Biden is overture to a minority of voters this week. ..

Biden’s few pivots are aimed at supporting the Democratic Party before next year’s midterm elections, as historical trends indicate that powerful political parties are usually prepared for large losses during the cycle. ..

How Biden’s Bipartisanship Could Hurt the Democratic Party in 2022

Biden and White House aides are meeting this week with top Latino and Asian Americans and members of the Pacific Islander community. According to Christopher Hahn, a former Democratic consultant and host of the aggressive progressive podcast, these are two demographic groups that Biden and other Democrats wouldn’t take for granted in 2022.

“I believe they did it in 2020, and it cost him most of the elections,” Hahn told Biden’s Washington Examiner.

For example, more than three-fifths of Latino Americans voted for Biden last fall. Nonetheless, former President Donald Trump has made progress in the Miami-Dade County, Florida block and the Rio Grande Valley, Texas block, contributing an 8 percent point variability towards the Republican Party compared to four years ago. Democratic data company catalyst found..

Biden’s cold reaction to the anti-democratization movement in Cuba last month was perceived by many strategists as missing an opportunity to invade the Republican-friendly Florida diaspora.

“There has been considerable effort by the Trump campaign to reach out to these voters, and they say Biden is basically a kind of communist dictator similar to what their family fled in the past. I sold an invoice for the item to them, “Hahn said. “In general, Democrats need to fight that false information that Republicans put out there.”

Instead, it took Biden and the White House a few days to blame Communism. Ultimately, he described it as a “universally failed system.” This is a phrase repeated by him and his staff.

“I don’t think socialism is a very useful substitute, but that’s another story,” Biden said in a reference to the Liberal Democratic Party, which was then urging him to adopt a far-left policy.

Hahn suggested that more than one million new Puerto Rican residents in Florida would be targeted by Biden and the Democratic Party in 2022 and 2024.

“Frankly, I thought it was likely to upset Florida if we provided adequate support to new Puerto Rican voters who have emigrated to Florida since Hurricane Maria and the financial crisis in Puerto Rico over the last decade. “He said. “They are already citizens. They are ready to vote.”

Rather, Trump clinched Florida by 3 percentage points, expanding his 1 percent point margin of victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Republicans also occupied the 26th and 27th parliamentary districts with Carlos Guimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar expelling the Democratic incumbent.

As Trump focuses on the Chinese origin of COVID-19, AAPI people are also important Biden supporters after mobilization, saying that China’s lack of transparency regarding the virus is anti-Asian. Was considered. Biden addressed these issues during his April visit to Atlanta after an Asian-American woman accounted for the majority of the victims killed in a shootout at a nearby spa. He has also been pushed by prominent representatives such as Illinois Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono.

“Biden and the Democrats need to do everything they can to secure the vote, listen to their concerns and act on them,” Hahn said. “Good governance is good politics.”

White House spokesman Jen Psaki reiterated that Biden did not prioritize politics. Especially when he stabbed his fierce battle on a state trip. Still, his schedule as he prepares to refocus his efforts after passing the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus spending package and signing a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan physical store infrastructure contract. Cannot be ignored. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases increases and Biden faces pressure from competitors in the Democratic Party over the size and scope of its infrastructure plan, especially the social welfare and environmental provisions of the Democratic-only settlement bill, these outcomes are nullified. There is a possibility of becoming.

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According to the White House, Biden will “discuss his financial agenda, immigration reform, and the need to protect his sacred constitutional right to vote” with Latino supporters on Tuesday.

These bullet points reverted to conversations with Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders on Thursday, adding “His administration’s response to increased anti-Asian prejudice and violence.”

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