Biden meets Qatar leaders, talks to cover increased gas supply to Europe in tensions between Russia and Ukraine

President Joe Biden invited Qatar’s ruling leader at the White House on January 31 to gas Europe as tensions between Russia and Ukraine could cut off energy supplies to US allies. Make discussions that are expected to include promoting supply. Conflict.

A senior government official told reporters at a briefing call that Biden and Qatar’s chief Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Tani would meet on Monday to discuss a wide range of topics, including energy security.

Leaders discuss all areas of mutual interest and global issues, including promoting security and prosperity in the Gulf and the wider Middle East, ensuring a stable global energy supply, supporting and strengthening the people of Afghanistan. “Commercial and investment cooperation between us.”

Officials refused to confirm whether there were expectations for a formal agreement to increase Qatar’s gas supply to Europe, “very powerful” to bring diplomatic resolutions on the part of the United States and its European partners. “A diplomatic effort” is underway, he added. The crisis in Russia and Ukraine.

The U.S. is concerned that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, and Washington has reportedly sent Qatar and other major gas producers a break in Russia’s flow in recent weeks. He called for an investigation into the possibility of supplying additional gas to Europe.

Reuters reported last week that the United States is ready to request Qatar, one of the world’s top producers of liquefied natural gas, to reroute some of its gas supply to Europe, but Qatar has a reserve. There is not much supply.

Russia’s invasion could cause economic sanctions on Moscow by Washington and its European allies, and British media could retaliate last week by British officials by reducing Russia’s gas supply to Europe. He reported that he expressed concern that there was.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to invade Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said reports that Moscow could cut off Europe’s gas supply are “fake hysteries” and Russia “Europe” even when relations with the West are tense. He claimed to be a reliable guarantor of energy security.

Biden’s agenda for the meeting with Tamim also includes Iran’s nuclear negotiations and its relationship with Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Washington’s interests are now represented by Qatar.

Separately, Tamim will also meet with Parliamentarians, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, officials said.

Tom Ojimek


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