Biden must stop deportation to Haiti.It’s inhumane — and breaks his promise to us

During Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, where many Haitians worked hard for his election, he promised to stop deporting Haitians from the United States. However, his administration has deported or deported 1,300 to 1,500 Haitians, including hundreds of infants, on more than 24 flights since February 1.

These sums are more exiles in the coming weeks than President Trump did throughout the year, report Announced on Thursday by a coalition of immigrant rights groups.

Please pay tribute to the President to stop these flights.

These exiles are wrong on many levels. First and foremost, they are inhuman and unsafe given Haiti’s serious political, constitutional, social and consequent economic crises. The crackdown on President Jovenel Moise, the seizure of authoritarian power, and the continuation of control in the face of united opposition from the public are just a few elements of the crisis.

Moïse lacks all credibility. For many years there were no legislative or mayoral elections. Moïse is planning an illegal referendum to make significant changes to Haiti’s constitution, giving the president immeasurable power. He is involved in large-scale corruption. And he works with criminal organizations that have committed many documented slaughter, political assassinations, and daily kidnappings.

The crisis has reached unprecedented levels, kidnapping alone has increased by 200%, and daily Haitians are barking at home for fear of even sending their children to school.

At an extraordinary March 12 hearing on Haiti by the Full U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Haiti’s expulsion was wrong given these conditions, and Haiti could not hold credible elections under the Moses administration. There was a bipartisan agreement.

These conditions fully guarantee Haiti’s redesignation of Temporary Protection Status (TPS). This is appropriate when it is dangerous to deport people there due to the unusual conditions of the country.

This has bipartisan support. On March 12, US Senator Marco Rubio, a ranking member of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, joined Chairman Bob Menendez to urge Haiti to be redesignated for TPS. At least 61 lawmakers, the Center for American Progress, the Voice of America, 800 religious leaders and hundreds of other organizations have prompted this as the current situation jeopardizes deportation to Haiti. ..

At least 400 other organizations, three major editorial boards, including the Miami Herald editorial board, and many others are calling for the end of Haiti’s exile flight. These black lives are also important.

We understand that his administration faces challenges at our border with Mexico in replacing Trump’s inhumane policies in a way that continues to protect our borders. I will. However, the large-scale expulsion of Haiti’s men, women and children to the conditions we described is simply not conscientious without asylum procedures.

Biden must keep his promise to our community to stop these expulsions. And immediately recognize Haiti’s extraordinary suffering by redesignating Haiti for TPS.

Marleine Bastien is Executive Director of Family Action Network Movement. Alix Desulme represents District 4 of the North Miami City Council.