Biden orders more US troops in Eastern Europe as Russia evacuates the embassy

The Biden administration on Tuesday ordered more troops to Eastern Europe for fear of Russia invading Ukraine.

In his speech, President Joe Biden said he would send US troops already based in Europe not only to Poland, but also to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the three Baltic countries.

“Biden instructed Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III to move troops within the US European Command’s operational territory to the Baltic States, Poland, and southeastern Ukraine.” Said Ministry of Defense for news releases. These units “move within a week,” the release added.

Specifically, the DOD “ordered an infantry battalion task force of about 800 soldiers from Italy to deploy in the Baltic region” and “up to eight F-35 Lightnings from Germany to NATO’s eastern operations site.” II Approved the movement of the aircraft. “

Austin has ordered approximately 8,500 US military personnel to strengthen their readiness when NATO activates the Rapid Action Force.

Approximately 20 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters will be deployed from Germany to the Baltic States, and 12 Apaches will move from Greece to Poland.

“These additional personnel have been relocated to reassure NATO’s allies, thwart potential attacks on NATO members, and train with host troops,” Pentagon officials said. Stated. All units are under the command of General Todd D. Walters of the Air Force, commander of the United States European Command.

Overall, about 90,000 US troops are stationed throughout Europe, according to the Pentagon. Earlier this month, the Pentagon ordered all U.S. forces in Ukraine to leave the country as Russian troops allegedly rallyed more than 150,000 troops along the border.

Biden’s speech, including an announcement to sanction Russia’s sovereign debt and two banks, took place the day after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said he would recognize the independence of the two separate Ukrainian regions. Putin also signed an order permitting the dispatch of Russian troops for what he called for peacekeeping purposes.

At the same time, Biden said his administration would use stricter sanctions if Russia decided to take further action. The president also suggested that prices for gas and energy would rise, but insisted that his administration was working to mitigate such problems.

Despite Putin’s rhetoric, there were still no clear signs of whether he would pursue it in a massive assault on Ukraine by troops and heavy weapons gathered near the border.

On Wednesday, Ukraine declared a state of emergency and told Russian citizens to leave the country. Meanwhile, Moscow has begun to evacuate from the Kiev embassy and consulates in other Ukrainian cities.

“I can’t predict what Russia’s next step, the separatist, or the personal decision of the Russian president will be … I can’t tell,” said Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. Reporter..

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