“Biden Refugee Issues” — April 24, 2021

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Republican “elder politician” James Baker praises Biden’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan

President Biden’s strategy to withdraw from Afghanistan received unexpected support on Friday, Politico reports. Former President Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, as well as Reagan’s Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State’s staff chief James Baker III, will be presenting his biography writers Susan Glasser and Peter Baker ( It doesn’t matter). He supports Biden’s plan to leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021 because “21 years is long enough.” “I always felt that one of the surest ways to ruin the presidency was to tackle endless conflicts,” said Baker, who points out that Politico is considered a Republican elder politician. “I couldn’t choose a tougher place,” he added. “Fight in land battles” rather than in Afghanistan. Still, Politico writes that Baker’s comments are a bit surprising. Most Republican voters are in favor of the withdrawal, but Republican lawmakers, especially Senator Lindsey Graham (RS .C.). Baker appears to be under the umbrella, given that he supported both invasions of Iraq and often supported Bush to play an active role in geopolitics while advising Bush on foreign policy. At the same time, he supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. On the surface, that seems to be another reason Biden’s praise was unexpected, but Trump was also a supporter of leaving Afghanistan. Find out more at Politico. More Stories from theweek.com Marjorie Taylor Greene, a cruel and funny cartoon about COVID Anti-Vaxer, Alexandria ridiculing her debate challenge 7 cartoons about Derek Chauvin being guilty Impersonate Ocasio Cortez

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