Biden refused to sanction China in a cyberattack because its allies lacked “consensus” on punishment

President Joe Biden has responded to a large-scale cyberattack accused by Chinese intelligence officials because U.S. allies are not ready to participate in such confrontational steps, according to key U.S. officials. Refused to impose direct punishment.

Biden’s team last month accused China’s Department of Homeland Security of maintaining a network of “criminal contract hackers” that caused Microsoft Exchange attacks that affected “tens of thousands of computers around the world.”The blame is echo By allies around the world, including an unprecedented statement by NATO, Biden did not impose the kind of sanctions that characterize his response to similar attacks by Russia.

“There is broader consensus on the need to evoke bad behavior. [by Russia] Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Adviser at the White House, told the Aspen Security Forum. “In the case of China, there is still a consensus on the need to call for malicious cyber activity together, work together on defense, and work together on results.”

Chinese espionage agencies are also responsible for “ransomware” attacks on Americans, according to US officials, but the target companies have not been identified.

BIDEN INTEL and DOJ civil servants grilled by CRUZ over lack of sanctions against China’s cyber attacks

“This was amazing to us,” said a senior government official. Said Last month’s reporter. In fact, one of the reasons we put so much effort into this attribution is that it really gave us new insights into the work of MSS and the aggressive behavior that is emerging from China. “”

The discovery aired just weeks after Biden met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Threatened With Russia Retaliation A cyberattack on the energy pipeline if the Kremlin fails to curb a hacking network based within the Russian border targeting US infrastructure. The conference was held following Biden’s sanctions on Russia for the hacking of Solarwinds, a software company like Microsoft Exchange.

The disagreement in his reaction to Russian and Chinese operations left dissatisfaction with Republicans in parliament.

“It is imperative that you and your administration do more to discourage hostile cyber activity by the People’s Republic of China against us and our allies,” said a top Republican member of the House Military Commission. Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers I have written In the letter on July 21st.

China’s public accusations have unified most of the major nations Biden wants to form “Democratic Alliance” Compete with Beijing. White House official Neuberger emphasized that the United States still has the option of imposing sanctions or retaliation in other ways, but at the moment when other democracies can be persuaded to punish China. , Repeated the desire for such a step. ..

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“In the case of Microsoft Exchange hacks, we saw a more gradual approach of building consensus, bringing countries together and establishing their norms,” she said. “This does not preclude subsequent activities, but rather than the Biden administration working alone, it will in turn use a thoughtful approach to attract partners and establish a code of conduct that is accepted in cyberspace. Then, from there. “

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