Biden returns the POW flag to the top of the White House

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden has restored the POW / Operational flag to its former location above the White House.

The black and white POW / MIA flag returned on Friday above the CEO’s residence just below the American flag. This is the day of former POW certification. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the return was “in line with the president’s and first lady’s promise to respect the sacrifices of all who serve.”

Last summer, former President Donald Trump moved the POW flag from a regular perch to a less prominent place on the lawn south of the White House. The location above the White House can be seen from a great distance.

The move was made at the request of a bipartisan senator group. Senator John Tester (D-Mont.) Said, “I’m proud to see the flag above the White House again as a way to honor the sacrifices of brave soldiers and those who aren’t detained behind the enemy. I’m tweeting. ” I’m still home. “