Biden said he was “broken heart” and ordered the White House flag to be half-masted in response to the death of a parliamentary police officer.

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden. AP

  • Biden said he had “broken heart” after the death of a police officer in the Capitol in an attack on the Capitol.

  • Two police officers were injured in a car crashing into a parliamentary barricade. One of them is hospitalized.

  • Biden ordered the White House flag to be half-masted to honor the police.

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President Joe Biden ordered the White House flag to be half-masted after the death of a parliamentary police officer. A car crashed into a barricade outside the Parliament building Friday afternoon.

The Capitol was closed last Friday after a vehicle crashed into an outside barricade, injuring two police officers. One of the officers identified by Parliamentary police as William Evans was later killed in his injury.

“Jill and I were heartbroken to see a violent attack at a security checkpoint on the grounds of the US Capitol,” Biden said in a statement. We would like to express our condolences and condolences to all who are saddened by his loss.

The suspect was shot dead by one of the police after leaving the “car with a knife” and “pushing” into the police, Yogananda Pittman, deputy police chief of the Capitol, said at a news conference. The National Guard was deployed to the Capitol shortly after the incident to assist the Capitol police officers lined up around the building.

“We would like to thank the Parliament police, the National Guard’s immediate response force, and others who responded quickly to the attack,” the president said in a statement. “In mourning the loss of yet another brave Parliamentary police officer, I ordered the White House flag to be half-masted.”

Biden’s movement continued Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issues a similar order and lowers the flag Half-mast at the Parliament building.

The blockade at the Houses of Parliament was lifted around 3 pm local time.

Less than 3 months ago Trump-backed riots stormed ParliamentAs a result, five people were killed, including two Capitol police officers.

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