Biden says 300 Americans remain in Afghanistan because the risk of terrorism remains “very high”


Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed on Sunday that 300 Americans remain in Afghanistan, awaiting evacuation amid growing threats of terrorism near the airport.

“We have about 300 American citizens left, and they tell us they want to leave. We arrive at the airport, board the plane, and escape from Afghanistan. We are very active in supporting the United States, “said President Joe Biden’s Supreme Diplomat. Said During an interview with ABC News on Sunday.

Blinken expels the rest of the Americans from Afghanistan two weeks after the Taliban hijacked the country after a violent attack that lasted only a few days after meeting with Biden and other White House officials on Saturday. He said he was making an important attempt to do so.

Biden and other officials have set a deadline for all troops to leave Afghanistan on August 31, questioning whether the government can successfully evacuate Americans remaining in the country by that time. I threw it.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the US Embassy in Kabul warned Americans to flee the airport due to an imminent attack from seemingly alleged ISIS terrorists. A few days earlier, ISIS left 13 U.S. military service members and claimed responsibility for the more deadly attacks at the airport.

Several U.S. Central Army spokesmen confirmed to the press on Sunday that an airstrike had been carried out on a terrorist suspect who was driving a vehicle loaded with explosives to the airport.

Blinken noted the growing threat of terrorism and added to ABC News that another attack at Kabul Airport was “very high risk”.

“This is already the most dangerous time of a very dangerous mission, and in the last few days,” he told the press. “So we do everything we can to keep people safe, but the risks are very high.”

During the withdrawal, the Biden administration received significant bipartisan backlash for its treatment of evacuation and for not being able to predict that the Taliban would rule the country, including Kabul, in just a few days. Some have also questioned a statement that Biden and his Supreme Congressman are working together with U.S. authorities to share information with the Taliban, which has been designated as a terrorist group by several federal agencies. There is.

But Blinken on Sunday said the United States had “significant influence” on the Taliban “to fulfill its promise.”

“If the Taliban is serious about its recurring commitments in public, including national, national, and private, that is, the commitments that the international community seeks to hold the Taliban, we take it. You’ll find a way to do it, “Blinken said.

Jack phillips

Jack phillips

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