Biden says Americans who want to leave Afghanistan “have no deadline”


President Biden spoke of the end of the war in Afghanistan on Tuesday, saying the United States is committed to expelling Americans who want to leave the country.

Video transcript

Joe Biden: Since March, we have contacted Afghan Americans 19 times and made multiple warnings and offers to help them leave Afghanistan. It dates back to March. After starting the evacuation 17 days ago, the first support and analysis identified about 5,000 Americans who had previously decided to stay in Afghanistan but now wanted to leave.

Our Operational Allied Rescue Team has driven out more than 5,500 Americans. We took thousands of citizens and diplomats out of those countries who entered Afghanistan with us to get bin Laden. We dispatched a total of about 2,500 locally hired staff from the US Embassy and its families. Thousands of people who helped the United States, including Afghan translators and interpreters, also participated.

We now believe that about 100 or 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan with the intention of leaving. Most of the remaining are dual citizens and long-time residents who have previously decided to stay because of their family roots in Afghanistan. In short, 90% of Afghan Americans wanted to leave, but they were able to. And for the rest of the Americans, there is no deadline. If they want to come out, we keep promising to take them out. Secretary of State Blinken is leading ongoing diplomatic efforts to ensure the safe passage of Americans, Afghan partners, or foreigners who want to leave Afghanistan.