Biden sinks into his lowest approval

Now President Joe Biden knows how former President Donald Trump felt.

Just in a shared number, the Rasmussen Report said today that the Democratic President’s approval rating is underwater, the situation where Trump was on a regular basis.

To make matters worse, his approval is the lowest ever. Biden’s approval dropped to 46% and his disapproval was 52%.

Polls provided by Rasmussen Reports

His trend line in Rasmussen Tracking history He has never shown to be as popular as his ex-boss Barack Obama.

Not surprisingly, there is a large partisan gap in the findings. Among Democrats, Biden’s approval to disapprove the rating ranged from 77% to 22%.

Republicans are strict about the decision of President Liberal. About 81% disapprove Biden, but only 17% approve it.

What is bad for Biden is the intensity of those who oppose it. According to polls, 42% are “strongly disapproved”, while only 26% are “strongly approved”.

But when he got 41% approval, he was still in a higher position than Trump did at this point in his presidency.

The change in Biden’s approval rate parallels the growing coronavirus crisis and the return of his administration to demanding masks and social distance.

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