Biden spills when getting off the bike after riding the beach


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (AP) —President Joe Biden fell when he tried to get off his bike at Cape Henropen State Park near his beach home in Delaware on Saturday, but he wasn’t injured. did.

“I’m fine,” he told reporters after an agent at the US Secret Service immediately helped him. He “hooked his foot” on his toe cage.

Biden, 79, and First Lady Jill Biden ended their morning ride when the president decided to pedal a large number of applicants standing by the trail of the bike. Biden, wearing a helmet, took the spill as he tried to get off, apparently fell to his right and rolled on his back before being helped.

The president immediately leaned over and chatted for a few minutes with the people who gathered to see him ride his bike. According to a White House statement, Biden is “healthy” without the need for a doctor’s consultation.

Bydens spends a long weekend at his home in Rehoboth Beach. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Friday.