Biden stuns allies with Afghanistan’s expected mistakes in Trump


Of President Joe Biden Chaotic exit From Afghanistan, frustration and embarrassment trembled through domestic and international allies who saw former President Donald Trump’s often unplanned approach to foreign policy and his inauguration.

“I think what happened shows that Europe needs to develop this famous’strategic autonomy’to prepare for the challenges that will ultimately affect us.” Diplomacy Team, Said Reporter on Tuesday.

That ideal “Strategic autonomy” It was a series of EU smart sets in the Trump era.Biden’s inauguration in Brussels “magic” The moment a moody former reality TV star gives way to a president with decades of experience and is surrounded by many praised advisers Professionalism and ability..Well, Biden’s Allies and House When Foreign countries I’m surprised to see him follow Trump’s policy in Afghanistan and combine his choices with mismanagement.

“I’m disappointed that the Biden administration didn’t explicitly assess the impact of the rapid withdrawal of the United States in implementing this flawed plan,” said Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate diplomacy of the Democratic Party of New Jersey. Said. “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will continue to serve as a supervisor in hearings about US policy towards Afghanistan, including flaws in the Trump administration’s negotiations with the Taliban and flaws in the execution of the Biden administration’s withdrawal from the United States.”

The White House now allows the “fair amount” of defense equipment in the hands of the Taliban

German politician Armin Laschet, heir to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Explained The situation gets even more severe.

“This is the biggest blunder that NATO has seen since its inception and the breakthrough we are facing,” he says. Said this week.

Given that the former president described the alliance as follows, it’s the kind of criticism that European authorities might have expected Trump to earn instead of Biden. “abolition” During his campaign to win the White House in 2016. NATO officials and European leaders Uplift A sigh of relief when Biden defeated Trump. Still, as one official said, they learned that Biden was “much more friendly” than Trump when it came to Afghanistan, but they wouldn’t respect the European view anymore.

“At the moment the Biden administration took over earlier this year, most European allies preferred to maintain a very limited military presence,” European officials told the Washington Examiner. “The Biden administration decided that it wanted to complete the withdrawal … they were willing to talk to and listen to their allies, but the decision was still theirs.”

“There was a strong consensus among the leaders on Afghanistan,” Biden said when attending the NATO summit in Brussels. The statement believed in disagreements about his decision to resign shortly after taking office. Fall of Kabul Only a few months later, frustration across the Atlantic became widespread.

“NATO seems to have been completely overtaken by a one-sided decision by the United States,” said former British National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts. Said Financial Times. “First of all, Trump’s decision to start talking about leaving the Taliban, and then Biden’s decision to set a timetable.”

Ricketts continued. “Afghanistan’s operations will end someday. It never lasted forever, but the way it was done has humiliated and damaged NATO.”

Borrell is responsible for the current crisis of Biden’s continuation of Trump policy when faced with a fervent complaint from Afghan journalists who questioned why Western countries and the European Union are trying to make the same mistake. I found out.

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“As you know, it was not the European Union that decided to leave Afghanistan,” Borrell replied. “It was a decision [former] President [of the United States, Donald] Trump negotiated this with the Taliban. And this decision was later implemented by the next US administration … and this may certainly have been managed in a better way. “

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