Biden takes action on “international embarrassment”

US President Joe Biden has issued an order for a homemade gun known as a “ghost gun” because it is unregistered and untraceable.

“Gun violence in this country is epidemic and it’s an international embarrassment,” he said Thursday.

The president is taking new steps through an executive order. That is, the president does not require parliamentary approval.

This includes efforts to set specific gun rules, strengthen background checks, and help prevent violence in the area.

However, the president has a difficult task. The right to possess weapons is protected by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, and many consider gun control laws to be infringement of this constitutional right.

Hours after the president’s speech, a gunman killed one and injured five at a cabinet maker in Brian, Texas. State police were also shot dead and injured while the suspect was being detained.

Five people were killed in South Carolina on Wednesday, including two young children. The suspect was named former NFL player Philippe Adams..

Following two mass shootings in March, a total of 18 people were killed in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.

What did Mr. Biden say?

Biden, who spoke at the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, said 106 people were killed by guns every day in the country.

“This is a fad for God, and it must be stopped,” he continued.

He also expressed his condolences to the family killed in South Carolina.

Mr Biden’s executive order gives the Justice Department 30 days to propose rules that will help reduce the number of so-called “ghost guns.”

Because these cancers are self-organizing, they do not contain a serial number and cannot be tracked. No background checks are required to purchase the assembly kit.

“Anyone, from criminals to terrorists, can buy this kit and assemble their weapons in just 30 minutes,” Biden said.

Experts say these homemade guns are increasingly being used in crime. More than 40% of the guns seized in Los Angeles are ghost guns, According to federal firearms authorities..

Biden has also given the Justice Department two months to devise rules to stabilize the brace of the pistol. Under the rules, pistols used with stabilizing braces are classified as short-barreled rifles. This requires a much stricter background check under the National Firearms Act.

The Justice Department is also required to draft a “danger signal law” that states can use to develop their own laws. These laws allow courts and law enforcement agencies to remove guns from people who are considered a risk to the community.

It will be difficult to take further gun action through Congress. The US Senate is currently divided into 50-50 divisions between Democrats and Republicans, with Vice President Harris voting for the decision.

However, current Senate rules actually mean that 60 votes are required to pass the bill, which requires Republican support. Republicans have blocked important gun control laws in the past.

Difficult reality for Biden

Analysis box by North American reporter Anthony Zurcher

Analysis box by North American reporter Anthony Zurcher

After a recent mass shooting, gun control activists called on Joe Biden to impose new restrictions on firearms. And like past presidents who tried to deal with US gun violence, Biden faces a harsh reality.

Congress doesn’t have enough votes to enact even a modest new gun control. And the steps that the president can take unilaterally are limited.

Biden promised to do something about gun control, but on Thursday he gathered a sympathetic audience in Rose Garden and announced a new bag of action.

He appointed the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives-Donald Trump, who was vacant, never minded filling. He instructed the Department of Justice to devise new rules for homemade guns and to tightly regulate attachments that make pistols more accurate. He called for new gun violence research and bills that the state could pass through.

In the tacit understanding that the scope of these actions is limited, Biden assured the audience that “this is just the beginning.”

But to go further, we need to change the political dynamics of Congress. Biden, now focused on passing infrastructure packages, needs to spend more political capital.

How was the reaction?

Mr. Biden The proposed measures are praised Gun safety by the gun control group Everytown.

“Each of these enforcement actions will begin to address the rampant gun violence epidemic throughout the pandemic and fulfill President Biden’s promise to become the strongest gun-safe president in history,” said Group President John Fein. Bratt said.

He added that the Biden administration’s decision to “treat the ghost gun like a deadly weapon” would undoubtedly save countless lives.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), the largest gun rights lobby group in the United States, describes this measure as follows: “Extreme” and said it was ready to fight..

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has labeled Mr. Biden’s order as “a new liberal seizure of power to steal our guns” and promised not to allow it in his state.

Later Thursday, Mr Abbott also tweeted that he was working with state public security and law enforcement officers on the shooting at Brian. He promised the help needed to prosecute the suspect and prayed to the victim’s family.