Biden tells the Ministry of Education to take action against the governor who is blocking the school’s mask order


President Biden updates the country on Wednesday’s White House response to COVID, exercises full oversight over Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Governor Those who try to ban the duty of school masks by executive order.

Biden referred to Tennessee and other Republican states that claimed to have “intimidated and intimidated” the school board, saying, “Some politicians have taken public security measures for their own political interests. I’m trying to turn it into a political dispute. “

The president said he praised the mask rules for kindergarten to high school students in rebellion against Governor Ron and called in solidarity with many Florida supervisors. De Santis Ban.Biden said those schools were “following”[ing] Put “Science” and “Student First”.

“I stand with people trying to do the right thing,” he said.

Biden repeats White House spokesman Jen Psaki’s previous comment, using funds from the U.S. rescue program to repay the salaries of school district educators who need masks in violation of the governor’s orders. I confirmed that I could do it.

In addition, Biden has announced mandatory vaccinations for nursing home staff servicing Medicaid patients due to low vaccination rates in supported living facilities. “We will use the power of the federal government as a payer of health care to mitigate the risk of the most vulnerable older people,” he said.

“Employers have more power to end the pandemic than ever before,” Biden said, praising private companies such as McDonald’s that demanded that employees be preempted.

He warned that the delta variant, which he said was twice as infectious as the alpha variant, accounts for the majority of new cases in the United States. While more than 90% of older people have at least one shot, among other promising statistics, he emphasized that “we need to go faster.”

“We’re still in an unvaccinated pandemic,” he said, “it’s a tragedy. Some people don’t have to be dying.”

Talking to people who have already been vaccinated, Biden Booster shot FDA Approved Program to Fight Vaccines Reduced effect.. The president said it is recommended to receive a booster eight months after the second vaccination. This means that those who have been vaccinated before January 20th will be eligible from late September.

He argued that boosters promoted an immune response and were “the best way to protect yourself from new mutations that could occur.”

Biden also addressed the complaints of world leaders who criticized the administration for encouraging and distributing third shots, while some countries struggled to supply and administer the original two doses. Did.

“We can take care of America and help the world at the same time,” he insisted.

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