Biden threatened to dismiss his aides if he leaked a negative story about Kamala Harris: Book

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • Biden threatened to dismiss his aides if he learned that they were leaking a negative story about Harris.

  • The warning was reported in the next book by two New York Times journalists.

  • Harris faced a low public approval rate during his time as Vice President.

According to the following book, President Joe Biden dismissed one of his senior aides if he learned that he was behind a series of negative stories about Vice President Kamala Harris and her office. Then he threatened.

The warning came after last year Several news outlet He published a story explaining the malfunction of Harris’ office and the tension between her staff and Biden. The White House defended Harris in her official statement and dismissed her report.

“No one was as dissatisfied with the leak as Joe Biden. When the president chose Harris as his running mate, he knew many of Harris’ shortcomings, but he protected her and saw an unsightly drama. “I was frustrated by what I’ve been doing,” wrote New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns in “This Doesn’t Pass: The Battle for the Future of Trump, Biden, and America.” Insiders got a pre-copy of the book before it was published on Tuesday.

According to the book, Biden gathered his senior staff in the Oval Office and told them to let them go if they leaked such a story about Harris.

Vice President Harris is not sailing smoothly.She is facing Low public approval rating When A series of top advisors have left her office.

According to the book, when White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain met with North Carolina Democrat Kathy Manning last April, Manning was one of Harris’ recent trips to her district. I was disappointed to find out that I was left behind by the club. .. The White House often emphasizes the inclusion of lawmakers in high-ranking stopovers, and Biden often points out their presence from the podium.

“It makes me want to vomit,” Crane said, based on one of the meetings’ explanations, according to the author.

The White House did not respond to insider requests for comment. A source told insiders earlier that the administration has no plans to “confirm or reject” certain claims in the book.

In a statement, Deputy Press Secretary Chris Maher said, “We respect that there is no shortage of books with a wide variety of claims about the administration.” “We have no plans to confirm or reject the details of these claims.”

There are many examples in this book that Biden’s team ridiculed Harris’ team.

In one example, Westwing staff ridiculed the Vice President’s proposal to open up an international portfolio by leading relations with the Nordic countries.Personal ridicule goes a step further Was floating Harris should give a drastic speech on foreign policy.

“Biden’s aides rejected the idea,” the author writes. “Why does the Vice President need to have his own clear view of world affairs?”

One of the biggest flash points was relatively trivial.Harris team I was angry with the photo Vogue selected for the February 2021 issue.

According to the book, Biden’s adviser told Harris’s infuriated aide and her then chief of staff Tina Furnoy that there was more to deal with before the inauguration that took place shortly after the riots. rice field.

“Tina, the adviser said,” these are the problems of the first world, “the author writes.

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