Biden twisted inside out as people insist that they no longer call it a “tornado”

NSResident Joe Biden ran into part of a briefing on Hurricane Aida on Tuesday, obscuring the definition of a tornado.

Biden visited From New York and New Jersey Observe Damage recently caused by Hurricane Aida.He talked Impact About storms, as well as other catastrophic weather events across the country and how they relate to climate change.

“We need to make sure we don’t leave the community behind, and it’s all over the country,” Biden said. Said At a press conference in New Jersey.

Biden began to explain the damage caused by the tornado community In the middle of the country.

Biden visits Louisiana to investigate hurricane IDA damage

“Members of Congress know from colleagues in Congress, uh, they look like tornadoes, as you know, they no longer attacked them, the crops and swamps in central Iowa. I don’t call it, Nevada. It’s all over. “

He discussed how the administration can help rebuild community Damaged by a hurricane.

“One of the things we’re asking today is how we’re going to get it back, and we’ll be aware of the current climatic conditions and how we’re going to get it back. Everyone knows that it will happen in the future and we can no longer revert to its previous state. “

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The government has demanded $ 24 billion for assistance related to the aftermath of Aida and other natural disasters. Biden’s $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan is pending in Congress.

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