Biden vows to renew his alliance in an editorial during his time in Europe prior to his trip to Europe

<p> President Joe Biden steps into the Holy Trinity Catholic Church to attend a Mass in Washington, DC on June 5, 2021.  </ p> (Getty Images)” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTUyOC40MTk3Mzc2NjM5NjAx/–~B/aD0yNDAwO3c9MzIwMjthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/″/></div>
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President Joe Biden steps into the Holy Trinity Catholic Church to attend a Mass in Washington, DC on June 5, 2021.

(Getty Images)

President Joe Biden Travel to Europe On Wednesday, on his first foreign trip as Commander-in-Chief. Washington Post, Biden vowed to renew the alliance in the wake of the non-interventor Foreign policy In the Trump era.

Before meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President, Group of Seven, European Union, and NATO..

“This trip is to realize America’s new commitment to allies and partners,” Biden wrote.

“Whether to end the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, respond to the demands of an accelerating climate crisis, or confront the harmful activities of Chinese and Russian governments, the United States leads the world from a strong standpoint. Must be, “he added. ..

Biden boasted of the administration’s achievements in the fight against Covid-19 and its efforts to revitalize the economy, saying, “Our values ​​and future as the US economic recovery helps drive the global economy. Countries Sharing a Vision-By Other Democrats “.

Mr. Biden will meet with the British Prime Minister before attending the G7 Summit Boris Johnson “To confirm the special relationship between our nations.”

The president said the top priority of the G7 countries was to end the pandemic and “ensure health safety for all countries and promote a robust and comprehensive recovery of the world economy.”

Mr Biden mentioned the G7 agreement on a corporate tax rate of 15%. This is a low level that each country cannot fall below. The president said this was “an unprecedented commitment to end the race to the bottom of corporate taxes.”

To “protect people from unforeseen threats,” he said, the world’s major democracy and economies “upgraded physical, digital, and medical infrastructure to be more resilient and support global development.” He wrote that he needed to invest in infrastructure that would provide a “high-level alternative to China”.

In another digging of world authoritarians, Biden said, “New technologies are rebuilding our world in a radical way, revealing vulnerabilities like ransomware attacks, and invasive AI-led. As it creates threats such as ransomware, democracy in the world needs to ensure our values: control the use and development of these innovations, not the interests of the dictator. “

Biden administration announced Executive order On Thursday when the president expanded at the order of the former president Donald Trump By banning US investment in Chinese companies related to military or surveillance technology.

Mr. Biden’s visit aims to reaffirm to the world that the United States is once again on the world stage.Mr. Trump often accused NATO and often criticized other member states for not paying a fair share of defense costs. Refused to affirm May 2017 NATO Founding Convention Article 5 Commit US Agreed in June of the same year.

Article 5 Status: “Parties agree that an armed attack on one or more of their own countries in Europe or North America is considered an attack on all of them.”

NATO members were cautious and uncertain about Mr. Trump’s involvement in NATO throughout his term.Mr. Trump repeats Discussed NATO withdrawal With an aide during 2018.

To dispel that concern, Biden said at the NATO Summit in Brussels, “The United States confirms its unwavering commitment to Article 5 and confirms that the alliance is strong in the face of all problems.” Said. This includes threats such as cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. “

Is Colonial pipeline And the United States Slaughterhouse Has recently been shut down due to a cyberattack.

In another jab in China, Biden worked with the EU to “focus on ensuring that market democracy, not China or any other country, creates 21st century rules on trade and technology. I will do it. “

“So when I meet Vladimir Putin in Geneva, it will be after a high-level discussion with friends, partners and allies who are looking at the world through the same lens as the United States,” Biden added.

The president is clear that the United States is not seeking confrontation in a telephone conversation with the Russian president, but instead the United States has “stable predictions that it can cooperate with Russia on issues such as strategic stability and arms management. I want a possible relationship. ” “.

Mr Biden said the administration “imposed meaningful consequences on actions that violated US sovereignty, especially interference with elections.”

“President Putin knows I will not hesitate to deal with harmful activities in the future,” Biden added in a warning to Moscow.

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