Biden wants to spend to boost the economy, but GOP blocks voting

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden aims to tone a key week of parliamentary negotiations on the two bills, his infrastructure and family to maintain economic momentum six months after taking office He said he needed to pass the agenda.

However, Wednesday’s deadline set by Senate leader Chuck Schumer on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, as the Republicans have signaled to block procedural voting so far while details are still being considered. Was suspicious. Senators are arguing over how to pay for new spending on highways, water systems, and other public works projects in a $ 1 trillion package.

At the same time, Democrats are $ 3.5 trillion nationwide across American life, along with support for families, education, climate change tolerance, and other priorities that aim to ultimately pass with Democratic support alone. We are creating details of another bill that makes a phenomenal investment. Democrats want to show progress on the bill before lawmakers leave Washington for an August recess.

The legislature shows a major test of Biden’s ability to realize a large package of economic commitments and reforms made during the campaign. While putting public pressure on lawmakers in a series of speeches emphasizing economic strengthening, he emphasizes the need for further investment to continue its growth and strengthen the middle class. Biden’s top aide met with the senator late Monday.

“What the best companies do, and what we, as a nation, do, is to make wise and sustainable investments with adequate funding,” the president told the White House on Monday.

Biden called his plan “a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding the American economy,” which created millions of jobs, raised middle-class families, and raised wages. , The best strategy to stay affordable in the long run. “

The economy has revived as more Americans have been vaccinated and Biden’s previous $ 1.9 trillion bailout package has advanced throughout the country. Employers have added an average of about 543,000 jobs per month since January, and the Federal Reserve Board predicts that this year’s overall economic growth will be about 7%, the highest since 1984. Workers with current wage levels and inflation concerns have not yet completely declined.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has accused “expenditure” as “the last thing American families need.”

External groups, including McConnell and the prosperity of conservative Americans, urged Republicans to vote against the bipartisan package until details are available. “I think we need to check the bill before deciding whether to vote,” McConnell told reporters in the Capitol.

The president is demanding a combined spending of more than $ 4 trillion in the hope of prolonging solid economic gains. Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion package, focused on climate, school and family, requires support from all 50 Senate Democrats to clear the party’s vote.

The key to Biden’s message is that growth is happening as intended and is helping the US middle class. However, many are expected to decline as the economy fully recovers from the pandemic.

However, Biden’s $ 973 billion infrastructure deal with a group of Republican and Democratic senators lacks a clear plan on how to pay it as GOP withdraws from the IRS’s enforcement of tax compliance.

Instead, the senator of the bipartisan group Trump era rules for drug rebates This could result in approximately $ 170 billion spent on infrastructure. A decision has not yet been made as the senator flocked with the executive branch in the next step late Monday.

Republican chief negotiator Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said he had resolved half of the estimated 20 open issues after a marathon round meeting with the White House late Sunday.

“It’s ridiculous to vote for something that hasn’t been developed yet and move forward,” he said.

During the weekend, Republicans argued over Wednesday’s voting prospects, noting that key questions about how to pay spending have not yet been answered. This package defeats GOP filibuster, delayed tactics and requires 60 votes to pass the Senate. This means that at least 10 Republicans need to join and support all 50 Democrats. Republicans are still expressing concern about the package, and the success of Wednesday’s procedural vote remains questionable.

“It’s time to start the discussion,” Schumer said, setting a vote on Monday.

“That’s a problem. Hopefully people will be smarter than that,” said Senator Jon Tester of Montana, a key Democratic negotiator, when the Republican Party blocked the vote by filibuster.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki dismissed questions on Monday about the future of the bill and what the administration would do if Wednesday’s vote failed.

“I don’t think I’m going to predict the death of an infrastructure package because two days are a lifetime in Washington,” she told reporters.

Biden also used Monday’s remarks to oppose Republican critics of his plans to claim that large-scale federal investment in the economy would accelerate inflation.

Consumer prices rose 5.4% in the year ended in June, the highest annual rate of increase since August 2008. Rising inflation can lower wages for workers and ultimately undermine economic growth.

Mr Biden said on Monday that his proposed investment would help rebuild the US supply chain and ease pressure on US production that some economists have contributed to inflation.

“With careful multi-year investment in better roads, bridges, transportation systems, high-speed internet, and the latest resilient power grids, the following things happen: It eliminates our economic bottlenecks. “He said.

“These steps will increase our productivity and raise wages without raising prices. It will not increase inflation, it will relieve inflationary pressure,” Biden added.


Associated Press writers Alan Fram, Lisa Mascaro, and Kevin Freking contributed to this report.

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