Biden wrestling with an “unvaccinated pandemic”

Washington (AP) —Two weeks after celebrating America’s nearly “independence” from the coronavirus, President Joe Biden said the alarming reality of increased cases and deaths and the persistence that caused summer backslip. We are facing the limits of our ability to fight the hesitation of traditional vaccines.

COVID-19 cases have tripled in the last three weeks, Hospitalizations and deaths are increasing among unvaccinated people. While rates are still significantly below their January highs, authorities are concerned about a reversal of the trend line and unnecessary illness and death.And Cases are expected to increase in the future In the next few weeks.

The country’s emergencies may have diminished, but officials say the outbreak is now a more localized crisis in communities where enough people haven’t rolled up their sleeves.

“Look, the only pandemic we have is unvaccinated,” Biden said Friday, commenting earlier that day by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Was repeated.

The increasing number is caused by a large pocket of infection among more than 90 million eligible Americans who have not yet been fired. Forty percent of new cases last week occurred in only four low-vaccination states, and nearly half of them occurred in Florida alone.

However, with 161 million Americans already fully vaccinated, the White House has little willingness to return to the broader obligations of masks and other measures.

Reflecting that idea, Warensky said on Friday in a low-vaccination area with an increasing number of cases, “Local policymakers asked if masking at that time would be useful to their community. I might consider it. “

Some communities are active. Los Angeles County re-enacted the requirement to wear masks in most indoor environments on Thursday, regardless of vaccination status, and Las Vegas health officials said on Friday that tourist hotspot workers and patrons were indoors. We recommend wearing a face cover.

The Biden administration said that the most effective way to attack the virus with three highly effective vaccines approved for use in the United States is not to try to slow the spread, such as by mass masking. thinking about. But continue to emphasize the importance of vaccination.

It’s not an easy fix. Many Americans resist being shot despite months of creative efforts by federal and state officials and the private sector to disseminate information about the safety and availability of vaccines. Do or remain unmotivated.

Surgeon General Bibek Mercy said that while governments can play an important role, “this must be a” all of the above “strategy in which everyone participates, including schools, employers, tech companies, and individuals. Must be. “

Recently, the administration has focused on young Americans. Pop star Olivia Rodrigo visited the White House on Wednesday for a day, and Biden and top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci were heavily recorded on social media. Young people have been shown to have the lowest risk of adverse consequences of the virus and the least chance of being vaccinated.

But another huge group has proven to be an even more daunting task: Republicans. The White House has long admitted that persuading to join the Republican Party would be of little success given the widespread disinformation about vaccines and the division of the country’s factions. Instead, government officials have intensified recent criticisms of civil servants and social media companies that false information about vaccines has not been disseminated or blamed among Republicans.

“They are killing people,” Biden said on Friday at a social media company on Friday, when surgeon general Mercy puts false information about vaccines on platforms like Facebook at risk to the country for public health. I warned that it would bring.

Efforts to comment from major platforms were not immediately successful.

A new government frustration statement continues to deny tens of millions of Americans and pandemics, as health officials emphasize that almost all serious cases and deaths are now preventable. It happens in the distrust of unnecessarily extending and sacrificing life.

According to the CDC, over 99% of deaths from COVID-19 and 97% of hospitalizations are in unvaccinated people.

Jeff Seienz, COVID-19 coordinator at the White House, said the pandemic is now “mainly threatening unvaccinated people.”

The Biden administration said it expects more cases in the coming weeks as it spreads to areas with lower vaccination rates, but Zients said the increase in cases would result in more people in these areas being vaccinated. He added that there are signs that he is starting to ask for. The highest case rates indicate that vaccination rates are rising faster than the national average.

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