Biden’s COVID-19czar states that “there is a lot to celebrate” despite failing to meet the July 4 vaccine target.

Jeff Seiens, COVID-19 Response Coordinator for the White House, spoke with Martha Raddatz of ABC News in the Sunday edition. this weekMeanwhile, he addressed the fact that the White House failed to meet its goal of immunizing 70% of US adults by July 4.

“Young people, especially those in their twenties, feel less vulnerable to the disease and therefore less motivated to fire,” he said. Young people were vaccinated weekly. “

Zients also said that two-thirds of American adults have been vaccinated at least once, and nearly 90% of the most demographically high-risk cases and deaths of COVID-19 over the age of 65. I pointed out that I was inoculated. “We have a lot to celebrate,” he said. “We are far ahead of what everyone expected in this fight against the pandemic.”

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