Biden’s dog measure bites again at the White House

Major will be walked by staff on the White House grounds on March 29, 2021

This is the second bitter case involving the White House Major

Just days after returning from training in Delaware due to a devastating incident at the White House earlier this month, the Bydens dog major niped again.

A spokesman for President Jill Biden said, “with great care,” the bitten individual was seen in the White House’s medical unit before returning to work.

Major is the youngest of two Bidens German Shepherds and the first rescue dog in the White House.

“He’s a sweet dog,” Biden said.

Mrs. Biden’s spokesman, Michael LaRosa, said of the incident on Monday that the major was “still acclimatized to his new environment and caught someone during the walk.”

CNN reported that a National Park Service employee was bitten by a South Lawn and had to quit his job to receive treatment. The National Park Service has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

Biden’s 13-year-old dogs, Major and Champ, were moved to the Biden family in Wilmington, Delaware, after the first bite incident on March 8.

Major Biden with President Joe Biden

President Biden hired Major in 2018

Anonymous sources told CNN at the time that the measure was jumping, barking and assaulting White House staff and guards.

President Biden said Major was acclimatizing to so many new people around him. “You turn the corner, there are two people you don’t know at all, they move, and he moves to protect,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America.

He went on to say: “85 percent of people [at the White House] I love him All he does is lick them and shake his tail. But … of course, I think some people are afraid of dogs in the first place. “

Bidens hired Major, now 3 years old, as a puppy for the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. Champ moved in permanently after spending some time as a young dog at the White House when Biden was Vice Chairman. January of this year.