Biden’s economists acknowledge the “cost” of MLB’s decision to pull an all-star game from Atlanta, but say that’s the point.

Cecilia Rouse, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, says President Biden is urging private companies to use their economic power to take a political position, in response to Georgia’s controversial new voting law. It seems that he rejected the idea.

In an interview aired on Sunday edition Face the NationMargaret Brennan of CBS News pointed out that the day after Biden, who strongly opposes Georgia law, he hopes the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will move out of the league’s Atlanta. Just did it.. But Rouse said companies that voiced opposition to state law “have the right to vote on their own and express their dissatisfaction.”

Regarding fallout from the MLB decision, Rouse admitted that Atlanta workers were “definitely costly” to bear partly, but the league moved the game to another city and to another group of workers. He said it would bring benefits. “That’s just the message [MLB] I was trying to send it. “

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