Biden’s joke after a riot question compared to Bush’s “Look at this swing now” comment

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Biden told reporters about the January 6 Senate election vote.

(Twitter / DJ Judd)

President Joe BidenFriday comment Senate Voting for the investigation of the Capitol riots is likened to the president George W. BushComments on the need for the Second Iraq War.

“I don’t think anyone would oppose the establishment of a committee on the biggest attacks on the Capitol since the Civil War, but anyway, I’ve been asking for ice cream,” Byden said. I held it in my hand and told the reporters. He felt about today’s vote, which the House of Representatives couldn’t pass.

People compared Mr. Bush’s comments with Mr. Bush, who stood on a golf course in 2002 and appealed to the American people to support the Iraqi invasion program.

“I call on all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist murderers. Thank you. Look at this drive,” he told reporters. I tried to pay attention to my skillful golf skills.

“This is one of the most bush clips I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote, and another “has the real” look at this drive “energy.” I answered.

Matthew Bush also tweeted, “Get the real W energy from here.” W (or Dubya) is the nickname of the former president, who is known for his rants to the world press.

Another wrote about the video: “A new” Watch this drive now “clip has been dropped.”

The committee was not held on January 6, and the vote failed with a 54-35 vote. Eleven senators (almost all Republicans) skipped the vote.

On the issue of former President Donald Trump, Republicans tend to stick to party policy, despite widespread criticism of the January 6 event.

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