Biden’s speech, Scott’s counterargument, showed clear differences between political parties

Joe Biden’s speech to the truncation of this week’s joint session could be lowered as one of the most important reports the president has ever submitted to the agency, either in writing or directly. Indeed, it’s best to compare it with some of Abraham Lincoln’s annual reports to Congress during times of unprecedented crisis and division. Unlike Lincoln’s report, Biden’s political opposition began to provide a formal counter-argument to his remarks. It happens that such a clear contrast is rarely seen in the vision presented by Senators Joe Biden and Senator Tim Scott about the state of the country and the role of government in changing the country for the better. ..

The president assembled his remarks on two topics: crisis and opportunity. “The worst pandemic of the century. The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” Later he said of an disproportionate number among the victims of COVID. He also revealed that there was also a racial crisis exacerbated by a series of police killings of colored races and unarmed black men over the past year. On top of all these challenges was the climate crisis.

He then confirmed what the government had done in the first 100 days to deal with these crises. 220 million vaccinations, $ 1,400 relief check sent to 85% of US households, 800,000 additional health care, cut half of child poverty, create 1.3 million new jobs .. All of this put the economy on track for 6% growth in 2021 and reached its highest level in more than 40 years. In the future, he proposed plans to transform the infrastructure to include transportation, water supply, power grids, care for children and the elderly, and education.

To grow the economy and meet climate challenges, he will drive a significant increase in investment in renewable energies, electric vehicles and batteries, and the development of technologies that provide a means for further progress. I proposed a study. In parallel with these proposals, the President demanded a minimum wage of $ 15, equal pay for equal work, and a law protecting workers’ right to organize.

Then Kicker, who left all Republicans immobile: Biden made his transformation by tax reform to force the wealthy and businesses to pay fair distributions and restore the IRS’s ability to discover and prosecute tax evasion and tax evasion. I proposed to pay the tax evasion.

Announced by Joe Biden, the United States has once again promised to become a leader in the international order to address the challenges of the 21st century. There is no longer a liberal approach, Arad Donald Trump, who regarded international affairs as a trade or a zero-sum competition. Biden also promised to eradicate systematic racism that has historically taken root in our society. It’s all about defending democracy, which the Trump-inspired mob almost overturned this January. As Biden reminded us, to defend the government, it is not the power of aliens, but us-“our people.” How can you use your strength to improve your life as a person? Biden was showing the way.

Then came the Republican dream Tim Scott. A black religious liberal who uses the story of his life to preach earthly salvation is to have a mom who works praying enough for you. The government will only waste your hard earned money by overdoing it. Everyone, I don’t want a real crisis here. God and sturdy individualism conquer everything. Even better, Scott says “America is not a racist country,” the restrictive voting laws that flood the Republican parliament are not based on racism, and Biden is a country through his policies. We fully guarantee that you are splitting. History, common sense, and polls lied to all such terrible gas lamps.

This was a poor Republican “rebuttal” to the stunning presidential presentation. That night wouldn’t have been able to more clearly drive the comparison between the two major American parties home.

Robert Emmet Callan is an emeritus professor of history at Georgetown University.

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