Biden’s stump for McCorriff in an early test of political influence


Arlington, Virginia (AP) — President Joe Biden led a kind of campaign rally on Friday that wasn’t possible last year due to a pandemic, and competition for the Governor of Virginia tested Biden’s own strength and court tail.

Biden motorcaded across the Potomac River to assist Terry McAuliffe. Terry McAuliffe is looking for a second phase in which centrism reflects that of the president in various ways. This race is considered an early measure of voters’ judgment on democratic control of all branches of the federal government.

The president stood in front of an enthusiastic, barely masked crowd gathered around the park pavilion and playground on a warm July night. He emphasized that he shares the same vision as McCorriff that more public investment is needed to drive economic growth. But Biden also focused on political interests.

“You’re not going to find anyone, that is, someone who knows how to accomplish more than Terry in Virginia,” Biden said. “Elections outside the year, the view of the country. This is a big deal.”

Biden pointed out the management of the pandemic, emphasized the economic recovery during the first six months of his term, and provided a window to the party’s message to maintain a narrow margin in both houses next fall. He also emphasized the relative popularity of the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill and called for action on infrastructure plans, as he did on an official visit to the parliamentary district, where close combat is expected next year. ..

Since 2020, when Biden had to talk to supporters who stayed in the car at the drive-in rally and speak in front of a sparse and socially distant audience, it’s clear to normal politics. It was a return. Rock songs and crammed people standing in front of the center stage have suggested that Democrats will not campaign through zoom meetings and conference calls this year.

Protesters against the oil pipeline blocked Biden, and the president shot the enemy in 2020 as he told the crowd not to yell at them.

“It’s not a trample rally,” Biden said. “Let them yell out. No one is paying attention.”

McCorriff’s victory in the Governor’s primary is one of a recent series of victories by self-proclaimed practical candidates in relatively low turnout elections and tends to attract the most loyal base voters. His race is carefully watched by Democrats seeking shape. Their message next year.

“This is an important test for the Biden administration. The margins are so small that we need to be able to use his influence to help the candidate cross the finish line,” said Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election. Said Adrian Elrod, Senior Advisor to the President. He also worked on Biden’s inauguration. “His message is simple: he’s fulfilling his vaccine promise and recording work growth and infrastructure.”

Governor McCorriff from 2014 to 2018 confronts Glenn Youngkin, a political newcomer who has made a lot of money in private equity. The state has been in the blue for the last decade, but the race is seen as fiercely competitive. As one of the two governor elections scheduled regularly this year, it is gaining national attention as a potential indicator of voter sentiment prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden and McCorriff likewise introduce the party’s bases as moderate Democrats who won the primaries with a promise of electoral potential, although they don’t necessarily electrify them. The Virginia race could serve as a check of Biden’s status, and the Democratic National Committee has promised to spend $ 5 million to support this year’s McCorriff campaign. This is a clear indication that the White House has prioritized racing.

Despite many Republicans under Donald Trump’s control, Yongkin has established himself as a more moderate Republican in the state where Trump lost 10 points in 2020. His campaign.

Democrats on Friday repeatedly tried to connect Yongkin and Trump.

“What do I say to you, the guys Terry is hostile to are actually Donald Trump’s samurai. I don’t know where these guys came from,” Biden said.

Biden has long been an avid activist on the road and on the ropeline while serving as Senator and Vice President, and emerged as a successful agent in 2018 when the Democratic Party regained control of the House of Representatives. did.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic eliminated most of the campaigns for the 2020 race, and the events held for the general election stretch run were socially distant and rare. As the pandemic receded this spring, Biden, always the most tactile politician, enjoyed interacting with people while chatting with his supporters for an hour at a recent Philadelphia event.

The aide said he wanted to do the same in Arlington on Friday. However, personally, there was growing concern about the risks posed by the highly contagious delta mutants of the virus.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden will follow federal health guidelines that do not limit vaccinated individuals.

Biden has promised to work with the Republicans and has spent enormous political energy on bipartisan infrastructure transactions. But he chased the Republicans on Friday, saying, “It’s just a fear, a lie, a breach of promise.”

The White House aide pointed to a poll suggesting that Biden’s agenda is widely popular with voters from both parties, despite little support from Republicans in Washington. But Republican strategists are questioning whether Biden’s vote will lead to a vote.

Both Biden and McCorriff have been active in democratic politics for decades, but despite McCorriff’s 2020 state campaign in Biden, there are relatively few direct political ties. .. However, their political and idealistic similarities are widespread.

Virginia’s annual elections have always been regarded as a kind of national bell tower. “Democratic candidates are so close philosophically that they resemble Biden that many could consider Virginia to be a stronger bell tower than usual,” said politician Mark Rozell. Professor of Science at George Mason University.

The current Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, like all Virginia Governor, is banned from seeking a term for two consecutive terms. Another notable 2021 year-end election for the Governor of New Jersey is not expected to be competitive as the Democratic Party is likely to retain control.


Remia reported from New York. Associated Press author Matthew Barakat of Falls Church, Virginia and Sararankin of Richmond, Virginia contributed to this report.