Biden’s third trip to reddish Ohio boosts his financial challenges


Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden cannot leave Ohio if he rejects him in last year’s elections.

The president will visit Cincinnati on Wednesday to promote economic policy. This is the third visit of the President to Ohio, the only state that Biden has lost after many visits.

Ohio was once an election award that could determine who occupied the White House, but Republican support has become harsher over the last decade. This visit is a testament to Biden’s belief that going straight to voters will help them overcome their political divisions.

“Half of life will appear and Joe Biden will appear,” said John Biden’s presidential pollster, John Ansalone. “He will be the president of those who voted for him and those who opposed him.”

Republicans in Ohio see the president’s attention as an opportunity to oppose Democrats. The state faces a Senate election next year, and Republican Rob Portman has retired. Rob Portman helped negotiate a $ 973 billion infrastructure plan with Biden, who faces an uncertain future in an evenly divided Senate.

The president’s visit will take him near the dangerously outdated Brent Spence Bridge-trucks and emergency vehicles between Ohio and Kentucky that the last two presidents have promised to fail to replace. Choke point. However, Republicans are more focused on the increase in shootings and crimes in Cincinnati that occurred after the pandemic and the increase in immigrants on the southern US border.

“President Joe Biden will visit a metropolis suffering from devastating levels of violent crime caused by the failure of Democratic Mayor John Cranley’s leadership,” said Republican President Bob Paduchik. Biden added, “We failed to protect the Americans and our southern part.” boundary. “

Violent crimes, especially shootings and murders, are on the rise nationwide. But overall, far fewer crimes have been committed than they were ten years ago. For example, data from the city of Cincinnati show that in 2020 there were numerous shootings and record murders as the pandemic raged. The number of murders this year was slightly lower, with 49 murders as of July 10, compared to 53 murders during the same period last year.

Before Cincinnati’s Town Hall appears on CNN, Biden will visit the International Electric Workers Brotherhood Training Center to discuss policies for creating jobs for the union. The president can already say from his coronavirus aid package that he has brought results to the region with a local relief fund of $ 280 million for Cincinnati and $ 159 million for the surrounding Hamilton County. I will.

The presidential era is one of the administration’s most valuable commodities. The White House is convinced that the president has visited Columbus, Cleveland, and now Cincinnati, Ohio, and that Biden’s policies are popular with nonpartisan voters, who will reward the president and party trying to solve the problem. ing.

Democratic victories were rare outside the cities of Ohio. The state is the epitome of a national challenge for parties with voters gathering in metropolitan areas. Acquiring Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron is not enough to overcome the Republican dominance in the more rural counties of the state. Former President Donald Trump may have energized Ohio voters, but the Republican Party’s track record of success is earlier than him.

“Ohio isn’t the exact trend for Democrats in the last few cycles, but it’s deeper than Trump alone,” said Republican strategist Michael Hartley. “This is almost a basic level and has as much to do with the quality of the candidates and the status of the Ohio Democratic Party. They just don’t know how to connect with the majority of Ohio voters.”

Democrat Sherrod Brown has successfully held the Senate seat since 2006. This election was the Democratic’s last major state-wide victory and was made possible after a Republican political scandal involving state funding being invested in rare coins. But next year, the Democratic Party may have a chance to take a seat at Portman.

Robert Alexander, a professor of political science at Ohio Northern University, said: “In essence, what happens in 2022 is the last stand to avoid the Democratic transition from purplish red to blood red.”

The most notable Republican candidate in the crowded area is courting Trump. Former party chairman Jane Timken, “Hillbilly Elegy” writer JD Vance, banker Mike Gibbons, former Ohio Treasury Secretary Josh Mandel, and car dealers have become technical executives Bernie Moreno. So far, the most prominent Democrat seeking a seat is US Congressman Tim Ryan, whose northeastern district includes the city of Youngstown.

The race is as much about Biden as Trump’s sustainability. If voter turnout doesn’t go down in 2022, Alexander said, it could lower turnout and boost Democrats who can appeal to working-class voters.

“There is no doubt that state Republicans are doing their best to imitate Trump, both online and at public events,” he said. “Whether that actually leads to turnout is an open question.”


Washington Associated Press author Colleen Long contributed to this report.