Biker ready, protesters will hold a commemorative ceremony by the National War Memorial


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Ottawa-Hundreds of motorcycles have gathered in the parking lot of the St. Laurent Shopping Center, preparing to pay tribute to veterans at the National War Memorial later this morning.

According to the Rolling Thunder Organization Team, the convoy will be dispatched in a package of 75 bicycles, with each batch riding in a police-controlled vehicle.

Epoch Times Photo
Rolling Thunder Bike Convoy in the parking lot of St. Laurent Shopping Center in Ottawa, April 30, 2022 (Annie Woo / Epoch Times)

Police have set an exclusion zone to prevent protest vehicles from accessing the core areas of downtown Ottawa.

Protesters of the motorbike convoy are supposed to use a pre-planned route to pass through the city without stopping.

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 protesters gathered at the War Memorial to seek freedom.

On April 29, protesters marched around the Capitol on foot, and bikers arrived in the city waiting for the April 30 event, seeking freedom.

Police arrested seven people on April 29 and towed 24 vehicles. Police also broke the windows of at least one truck.

The Rolling Thunder event follows weeks of protests by the truck convoy demanding the removal of COVID-19 obligations.

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