Bill Barr publicly avoided Matt Gaetz while DOJ was investigating sexual trafficking, the report said.

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Republicans were waiting for Matt Gaetz’s scandal to collapse

Photo illustrations by The Daily Beast / Getty After Rep. Matt Gaetz accuse Florida lawyers of a $ 25 million robbery plan to eliminate allegations of sexual trafficking, with Republicans entering and exiting Capitol Hill on Wednesday. I closed my mouth. Fox News-Grinning, 38-year-old Florida Republican-has a less than Sterling reputation among his congressional colleagues. More than half a dozen lawmakers told these reporters about his love for alcohol and illicit drugs, and his propensity for young women. It is well known among Republicans that Gates was dating college students (students over the age of consent) in 2018. She came to Washington as an intern. In response to these allegations and questions about whether he had had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old child in Congress, Gates told The Daily Beast late Wednesday night: I was 17 years old. As for leeches, I know they have many enemies and few friends. My support is usually outside Washington, DC and there is no other way. For his few friends in Washington, The Daily Beast realized it was true. Former Republican officials reported Wednesday that their office had an informal rule not to allow members to appear next to Gates during a television hit, an unavoidable scandal that would happen someday. I was afraid. According to the New York Times, Gates is being investigated by the Justice Department for possible sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl. Gates denied the existence of his 17-year-old lover, but while in Congress he was less angry with the proposal to date a woman much younger than him. Gates publicly admitted on Tuesday that the woman paid for flights and hotels to visit him. “I was generous as a partner,” Gates said Tuesday. Only two Republicans in the House of Representatives jumped to his defense on Wednesday. The Judiciary Committee has ranked Republican Jim Jordan (R-OH). Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has repeatedly supported the QAnon conspiracy theory, which accuses Democrats of abusing children. Jordan was more calm. “I believe in Matt Gaetz,” he said in a statement to CNN. More importantly, house minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Republican) didn’t jump exactly into the corner of Gates McCarthy told Fox News that he wanted to wait for the facts before being punished, such as removing Gates. A Republican leader also suggested, “Yes, we will remove him if it turns out to be true.” “These are serious consequences,” McCarthy said. Even when Republicans write a document that gives some weight to his allegations of robbery, they circle Gates in an explosion 24 hours after the scandal. “I don’t think many are going to get in the way to protect him, especially in this quirky-sounding defense,” said one Republican staff member. “I don’t think many people are anxious to keep him involved in Republican politics.” Gates’ cartoon scandalous perception is very common and literally seen in parliamentary halls. You may be able to see it. Hill sources sent a photo of the trash can outside Gates’ office to The Daily Beast when lawmakers cleaned up the office at the end of a recent session. At the top of the heap was an empty Costco-sized box of “Bearskin” Trojan condoms. He has publicly brought many women to court in Washington, but Gates hasn’t exactly prioritized court over other lawmakers since arriving in Congress in 2017. Gates is reluctant to make friends and influence GOP lawmakers as a badge of honor in BuzzFeed News’ 2019 profile. President. He proved to be quick to defend Donald Trump on almost every occasion, yes, but even quicker to criticize his Republican colleagues for Trump’s inadequate support. did. At the same time, he is also rebelling against Trump. He was reportedly “frozen” by the White House in 2020 when the president upheld a resolution limiting his ability to wage war with Iran after the Democrats said he would vote for Gates. One of his amendments to whether to support the entire war authority bill, however, the crack is short-lived as Trump sought an ally of Capitol Hill early in the COVID crisis and Gates was pleased to defend the president. was. The desire to appear on television most days of the week has shown legislators what Matt Gaetz’s main goal is in Congress. It’s a promotion for Matt Gaetz. He rarely partners with colleagues on bills and has never seen the law he created become law. His constant rumors about his ambition to seek a higher position in Florida and even Alabama underscores the perception that he did not prioritize his work. Four years after his home career, Gates’ play postponed Democrats and Republicans alike. He visited Wyoming in February and hosted a rally to blame House GOP chairman Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her vote to blame Trump, but many mistakes, even if he opposed Cheney’s vote. I rubbed it in the same way. A Republican operative familiar with the Florida state legislature’s delegation said. Still, Getz has an ally. They are less interested in protecting him at this time than attacking the media. Former Governor of Kansas Mike and Republican presidential candidate Huckabee, who called on Wednesday, said the New York Times were “joking” and believed they were unsure of their coverage. Huckabee was an early supporter of Gates and reportedly has a close relationship with his family in 2018, hosting a congressional fundraising campaign at a beach home not far from his hometown. “He said it didn’t happen,” Huckabee told Daily. beast. “I think he’s worth considering the presumption of innocence and due process like anyone else, until proven otherwise.” Returning to Gates’ red Florida district, the story is skeptical Landing with a great audience. Escambia County Republican Chairman John Roberts said he suspected coverage from the Times and other mainstream media since the Trump era. “Republicans aren’t saying’what’s going on here’,” Roberts told The Daily Beast. “Everyone seems to be’Oh, another smear job’.” But Gates and his father, former state legislator Don Gates, are the largest county in the district that has been equipment for decades. Even Roberts, who heads the Republican organization in, claimed him. He personally didn’t know the legislator, saying he had spoken to him “several times easily.” “We have been very politically supportive of him. Mr Roberts is very skeptical of all this,” he said. But the most deafening silence is the silence of another former president of Florida. Gates is probably Trump’s biggest defender in Congress. In February, Gates offered to resign if he had the opportunity to defend the former president in an impeachment trial. And the story of the New York Times attacking a Republican politician (when that politician is actually a victim) seems to have been made mostly for Trump, but so far the former president has been on the sidelines. I’m still waiting for what happens next. So is his son Don Jr., an influential ally of Gates. He has tweeted many times since Tuesday night, but has not defended Congressman. Trump probably wants to blame the media for inaccurate and irresponsible coverage, but for now he doesn’t want to give Gates his name. 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