Bill Clinton has revealed that he has sent a team to Area 51 to make sure there are no aliens.


This week, former President Bill Clinton revealed that he had sent a national security adviser to inspect aliens in Area 51, Nevada, while serving as president.

Appearing in “The Late Show with James Corden” Clinton said he and his former Chief of Staff John Podesta (he said he “loves science fiction”) “every attempt to know everything about Roswell.”

“We also sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens,” he said.

“Oh, if I told you that …” Clinton joked before revealing that he had sent his national security adviser, Sandy Berger.

Bill Clinton at the Late Late Show

Former President Bill Clinton and James Corden talk about aliens in an episode of The Late Show on Thursday. (CBS)

“I said,” We need to know how to deal with this. It’s a lot of invisibility from a technology point of view, such as how to fly an airplane that hasn’t been picked up by radar etc. It’s a place to do research, that’s it, “said the 42nd President.

“That’s why they are so secretive, but as I know, there are no aliens.”

Clinton recalled his and his wife’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2018 vacation in Hawaii. .. After touring the telescope in the mountains, he said he met scientists and asked if they fought about “the potential of life in space.”

Scientists said Clinton told the crowd, they had a “huge debate” about it.

“He said,’Some people think it’s 85% likely, others think it’s 95% possible,'” Clinton said. “These are the people who spend their lives to do this.

“He said,’In other words, it’s unlikely that there is no life.’ There is a system like a billion suns, not a billion planets. There are so many mysteries there. I think we should take good care of this planet. If possible, we should stick to it. But I also think it should keep us humble. There are many things we don’t know. ” He told the audience.

Bill Clinton at the Late Late Show

Clinton said during his “Late Late Show” appearance, “There are no aliens as I know.” (CBS)

May, Congress. It did not reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life, but confirmed that the US military took the sightings of unknown crafts seriously as a national security threat.

And last week It was setting up a team to study mysterious sightings. Researchers collect data on “aircraft or sky events that cannot be identified as a known natural phenomenon from a scientific point of view.”

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Chief Science Mission, said: “Our strong belief is that the biggest challenge for these phenomena is in areas where data is scarce.”

The survey, which will begin this fall for nine months, will be open to the public without the use of categorized data.