Bill de Blasio warns that “very careful eyes” should pay attention to Cuomo during the last day in the office


Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio He warned the public that “very careful eyes” should be kept by the government. Andrew Cuomo His remaining tenure after a shameful Democrat announced his resignation at the beginning of the week.

De Blasio, who belongs to the same political party but is often in dispute with the governor, has made a few accusations long before the report of Attorney General Letitia James, who stated that the governor had sexually harassed him. He was asking for Kuomo’s resignation after he came forward. At least 11 women. The mayor expressed his continued distrust of the governor and urged the public to closely monitor his last term.

“I think people should watch him very carefully after he’s done everything. To be honest, I don’t know why it needs to be 12 days,” De Blasio said. Said During his first meeting since Cuomo’s Tuesday news was reported decision To vacate his position.

“I think we’re all ready to move on, and the sooner we can move on, the better at this point,” he added.

Sheriffs say Kuomo’s resignation will not end the exploratory criminal investigation in Albany

De Blasio, who was on vacation when the governor made public in his move, insisted that “history will judge.” [Cuomo] It’s because they have accumulated power in a way that leads to bullying, intimidation, and intimidation. “

“The very effort to rule everything else on his path has undermined any good that might have been in his plan,” he continued.

The Democratic mayor has shown that there are still protracted issues that have not been answered by the governor’s resignation, including the approval of the administration. Underestimation of death in nursing homes When Accusation COVID-19 Give preferential treatment to close allies during the heyday of the pandemic.

“We are still a nursing home [death toll] Concealment and supply of whether the vaccine was given as political support was provided to allies and withheld from those who were not supported by the governor, “Blasio said.

Under former President Donald Trump, the federal government has begun investigating the death toll of COVID-19 in a nursing home in New York, but the issue was recently withdrawn under the Biden administration.

In an email to the Washington Examiner, Cuomo’s representative instructed the Governor to give state health officials special COVID-19 test access to his inner circle members as a “dishonest effort to rewrite the past.” I blamed the claim.

Cuomo resigned a few days after the content of James’ report, which the governor concluded had sexually harassed at least 11 women, was released to the public. According to the findings, Cuomo repeatedly engaged in “unwelcome, non-consensual contact”, after which he and members of his office engaged in “retaliatory” actions by “intentional”.[ing] Some women tried to report their experiences, even though Cuomo repeatedly claimed that he had never improperly touched anyone.

James chose not to pursue criminal charges against the governor, although he left options for local prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. Since her groundbreaking announcement, several district attorneys, including Albany and Westchester counties, have begun investigating the criminal nature of Cuomo’s conduct. One whistleblower, Brittany ComisoA confused Democrat claimed to have groped her breasts in an executive mansion, filed her own criminal complaint in Albany.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple announced Kuomo’s resignation earlier in the week The status of the survey does not change..

“I’m grateful that he put the people of New York first and stood aside, but that wasn’t about his office,” he said on Tuesday.

After resigning on August 24, Deputy Governor Kathy Hochul, who will replace Cuomo, has vowed to abolish her administration. “Unethical” Cuomo staff Because she promised to abandon the “toxic” nature of her predecessor’s workplace.

“No one doing anything unethical in the report will remain in my administration,” the next imperial state leader told reporters.

“And at the end of my term, no one calls my term a toxic work environment,” she added.

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De Blasio’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

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