Bill Gates said it would be “tragic” if the conspiracy theory of putting a tracking microchip in the COVID-19 vaccine was driving people out of vaccination.


Bill Gates will speak at the TED2022 conference in Vancouver, Canada on April 12th.

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  • Bill Gates said it was tragic that the conspiracy theory prevented people from getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • According to unreliable theory, Gates is using a vaccine to transplant a location-tracking microchip into a person.

  • Gates laughed at the conspiracy theory and called it strange.

Bill Gates said it would be “tragic” if his plot about vaccination of Microchip with the COVID-19 vaccine prevented people from being vaccinated.

“I’m talking about tracking people, but I don’t know why I want to know where people are. I still have to laugh, but that hinders people’s vaccination. If so, it’s tragic, “Gates said.In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN on friday.

Gates said Cooper’s conspiracy theory was “fun to click,” claiming that the vaccine was created solely for profit, rather than understanding the complex science behind the rapid development of COVID. As such, people said it might be easier to believe in a “brief explanation.” -19 vaccines.

Conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers continue to disseminate false information about the COVID-19 vaccine.Early in their development, unfounded claims about vaccines containing it Gates uses them to transplant location-tracking microchips to people. Caused intense vaccine hesitation among many Americans.

Gates used to say that the claims were very strange and almost funny.

“It’s almost hard to deny something like this, because it’s stupid and weird enough to be credible just to repeat it,” Gates said in 2020.

Insider Andrea Michaelson The exact origin of this myth is not clear, but the theory reports that it may have evolved from out-of-context information, including a video that became viral at the beginning of the pandemic. Discussed barcode-like labels for potential vaccine options.

The vaccine manufacturer did not require the use of this label, which was affixed to the outside of the syringe and would not have been injected into the patient. It should have been used to “distinguish the actual vaccine from counterfeit or expired doses and track when injections are used.”

On Friday, he told Cooper that the theory that he was only trying to benefit from the vaccine was also inaccurate.

“We gave the vaccine billions of dollars and saved millions of lives. If you say no, we’re trying to make money from the vaccine. To save lives. Not. This is a popular conspiracy theory. “He said.

Vaccine hesitation has been alleviated in the United States, but Gates said the United States “still has a lower complete vaccination rate than many other countries,” and the country still finds ways to reach skeptical individuals. There is a need.

“Are they open-minded? I’m surprised that the United States has been so hard because it’s in their interests and the interests of those around them, and as you know, it’s somewhat political.” Gates said.

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