Bill Gates says he’s done some ‘weird crap’ in his life, like drinking ‘water from fecal sludge’ to celebrate World Toilet Day

Bill Gates during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on January 21, 2015.

In January 2015, Bill Gates drank water made from “fecal sludge” as a TV host with Jimmy Fallon.Douglas Gollenstein/Getty Images

  • Bill Gates said in a LinkedIn post on Saturday that he’s done “weird crap” in his life.

  • The philanthropist remembered smelling a pit toilet and standing next to a “poop beaker.”

  • In 2015, he convinced TV host Jimmy Fallon to drink water made from “fecal sludge.”

Bill Gates says he’s done ‘strange crap’ in his life LinkedIn post on Saturday to mark world toilet day.

Linking to a July blog post, the Microsoft co-founder wrote: Smell of toilet. ”

“These antics were a little laughed at, but my goal has always been to draw people’s attention to a problem that affects 3.6 billion people: poor sanitation,” the philanthropist added. “Thanks to scientists and engineers around the world, we’re closer to new solutions to disease prevention.”

He Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationa non-profit organization that aims to reduce poverty, disease and inequality around the world, which I co-founded with my ex-wife.

Gates’ LinkedIn post focused on issues close to his heart: toilet access and safe sanitation. Poor sanitation means contaminated water, soil and food, which leads to disease and death,” he said. blogged in July.

To raise awareness, Gates shared the stage Holding a beaker of poop during a speech at the 2018 Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing.

2 years before, He said at Firmenich, a family-owned fragrance and flavor company based in Geneva, Switzerland, that he smelled “a huge pit toilet smell.” described the odor as “a combination of sewage stench, barn sweat and bitter ammonia filled with vomit (or was it Parmesan?)”.

In 2015 he Convince TV host Jimmy Fallon After investigating the Omniprocessor, a machine that turns fecal matter into water and electricity, Gates began drinking water from “fecal sludge.”

“I saw piles of fecal matter go up the conveyor belt and fall into big bins. “After a few minutes, I had a long taste of the final result: delicious drinking water.”

Watch Bill Gates and Jimmy Fallon clips here.

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