Bill Gates states that he is dramatically less likely to get a severe infection with COVID-19, but he believes another pandemic is certain.

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Bill Gates spoke at the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany.Ludwig Marine / AFP via Getty Images

  • Bill Gates believes that the risk of catching a serious COVID-19 infection has been “dramatically reduced.”

  • In an interview with CNBC He also said he believed that another pandemic would occur.

  • “Another pandemic will occur. Next time it will be another pathogen,” Gates said.

Bill Gates commented on COVID-19 and a future pandemic in a new interview.

Talk to CNBC At the Munich Security Council in Germany on Friday, he said the risk of experiencing a serious illness due to COVID-19 was “dramatically reduced.”

“Mainly in the elderly, the likelihood of serious illness associated with obesity or diabetes is now dramatically reduced by exposure to the infection,” he said.

But he added that he believes the world will experience another pandemic.

“Another pandemic will occur, next time it will be another pathogen,” Gates said, according to CNBC.

However, Microsoft’s co-founder said that if there was a reasonable response, it would “discover early” and “it would not be globalized like this time.”

Gates told CNBC’s Hadley Gambling whether he could completely prevent another pandemic:

Gates has become a prominent figure in the fight against COVID-19 by pledged billions of dollars in response efforts.

Before COVID-19 appeared, he predict The world will suffer a pandemic, along with prominent illness and flu experts.

and 2015 TED TalkThe world is “not ready for the next epidemic,” Gates said.

This month, the millionaire is his New book Explore his views on how to prevent the next pandemic.

It also explains how he became the subject online. Conspiracy theoryClaimed to be abusing Vaccines for transplanting microchips into people..

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