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Gaetz-Greene Traveling Freak Show is the future of the Republican Party

REUTERS Last time at the “America First” MAGA rally in Georgia, Republicans lost two Senate seats, and the United States lost what could eventually reach about $ 6 trillion. Thursday. The evening Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor Green show is probably not very expensive. Only time with our family and with our dignity. The event began with Congressman Jody Hice in a primary election with Georgian Secretary of State Republican Brad Lafenceparger. The crowd chanted “Rock Him Up” towards La Fence Pelger, but La Fence Pelger decided to obey the rule of law (he is currently wobbling while running for re-election). Clearly put him on the wrong side of the mob. With such a warm-up act, the announcer wouldn’t have to say, “Get ready for the rumble!” Gates first took the stage with populist and incendiary rhetoric (“Eternal War”, “Socialism”, “American Reconstruction”, “Global Policeman”, “Deep State”) and ppp defeat ( “Gun control means we have a stable goal!”). He shot at Bush, McCain, Romney, James Comey, and Anthony Fauci. He observed “Paul Ryan giving a speech” in California, and after Ryan ran for Vice President, the party. Added that “literally required an autopsy”. What are the results? “This is Donald Trump’s party and I’m Donald Trump’s Republican,” Gates declared. One of the things he didn’t talk about was his wingman Joel Greenberg. He was guilty of paying his age and having sex with both of them. Green, who went up the stage, went into the room with a hamby, headed for the stage, and grinned from ear to ear. But her smile was clearly contrary to the populist anger that was erupting in her. She called out to the Democrats who demolished the monument. “To protect the Stone Mountain monument. “You should do it,” she said of the Confederate States’ largest monument. She disguised herself as a cartel leader with a Mexican accent, talked about how much she loves Joe Byden, and Joe Byden. Said she wanted an “awakened” army. She also called the squadron “Jihad squadron” and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez “Oklajio Cortez”. Really elegant. As you can guess, she is not a politician. She looks just like you. If you’re such a geek, at least. So why is this happening? Of course, at first just for caution. I’m writing about this, but since many other people and this crew, especially Green, have already been expelled from the House Commission and left nothing behind, such a PR is a reward in itself. In, Gates called Thursday’s rally “the biggest political show on the planet.” Even in the good old days, conservative politics was probably half that of Bill Buckley and PT Barnum. Beast’s colleague, who reported snorting corks with a model doing a no-show government job at Orlando’s GOP Trump Defender Gala, was having a party behind him in business from. You may not have had a party) — And Green, but you understand the point). Today, the entertainment sector has been almost completely replaced by the governing sector. As Gaetz told Vanity Fair some time ago, “If you don’t make the news, you’re not the ruler.” And Gates So far, there is no problem with news other than allegations of sexual trafficking of minors. He’s flooded the zone (with a headline on how he flirts with running for the 2024 presidential election if Trump doesn’t run). This is a good PR strategy, assuming he will not be prosecuted. In today’s world, crouching and sitting is an implicit admission of sin, or taking everything seriously. The theory is that it is considered a proof of being. I don’t know which one will be more harmful to the Guts brand, but he avoids both like a plague. By the way, this is a “big tour”. Gates’ enthusiastic activity is either a sign of innocence or shamelessness. My money is in the latter, but who knows? That’s the point. He may also think that the fact that he is on stage with a prominent woman may bring some psychological concealment. Speaking of Green, she is in her own scandal. Compared to being involved and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the infection. COVID-19 to Jews forced to wear Venus in Nazi Germany. Once upon a time, this kind of Holocaust comparison marked the end of a political career, but in today’s Republicans it’s a feature, not a bug. Green has embraced other crazy theories and, after all, was able to earn over $ 3 million in the first quarter of this year. Sure, minority leader Kevin McCarthy blamed it on a tweet, but it’s probably as harsh as punishment. Green doesn’t have to make a fuss to change the topic from the scandal. She is doing it to enjoy it. I am a rational Jew. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Nuts. That doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. Gates and Green may not have intended this, and Trump may not be aware of it, but this is the first salvo of what could be a threat to his party’s domination of death. This tour is proof that anyone (even two members of the House of Representatives) can accept Trump’s message, steal his delivery mechanism, and perform a show on the street. (Sure, they’ve played some home games in Florida and Georgia, but they’ve also brought horse and pony shows to Arizona, so they’re traveling to Gates to troll Liz Cheney in Wyoming. Please do not forget). Mr. Trump attended a sparse participant rally in Oklahoma a year ago. Still, the event is eroding innovation that Trump has essentially monopolized in the last five years or so. .. Of course, Trump didn’t invent the idea of ​​holding a rally, but he took the rally to a new level. They were not just for campaigns, but for governance. In addition, no invitation was required to speak. Of course, not everyone can squeeze into the stadium, but that’s the beauty of teaming up. Gates and Green may not be the Rolling Stones packing stadium, but they are probably Styx and Collective Soul doing arena joint tours. he. At one point, Palin was the only game in town. She was a hot item. But when she left the post of Governor of Alaska, she became irrelevant. It took several years, but a younger generation of more appropriate impersonators replaced her. Today, Trump is a better marketer than Palin, and after all, he was president. Still, you can see why he needs to pretend to be at least 2024, and why he has already announced that he will hold more of his rally. Gaetz and Greene are clearly not there yet. Off just before the duo come back to make a kind of curtain call. Instead, the live stream has switched to what’s called “the right view with Lara Trump.” In a healthier Republican, Guts was defeated by ill-advised power and never got a green. It is within 1.6 km (1 mile) of Capitol Hill. Trump helped them create a prosperous situation. Even if he eventually changed, he succeeded in creating a generation of Republicans who shared a tendency to self-promotion, a preference for populist politics, and his family values. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene had one event. The third tent revival, a third rock concert, a third circus, and it was all a weird show. This means that it was a huge success in today’s Republican Party. Expect other MAGA types to start replicating this idea. The Devil went to Georgia. Learn more at The Daily Beast. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.