Bill Shorten believes that the Prime Minister’s statement on “evil” social media should be directed at dealing with pornography accessible to children.

Former opposition leader Bill Shorten said Scott Morrison’s message that “the wicked” are using social media should be directed to address the insidious problem of pornography accessible to children. Said.

At a Christian conference, Morrison warned that social media was driving the spread of identity politics, saying it was being used by the “wicked” and that the younger generation was at greatest risk of its effects.

Morrison’s emotions should be directed at dealing with easily accessible pornography, one of the greatest evils children face on the Internet, Shorten said.

“Children don’t have easy access to pornography in this country online,” Shorten told reporters at the National Press Club in Australia on Wednesday.

“If Morrison wants to embody a general reference to evil, make it difficult for Australian children to access pornography online.”

Shorten also said that children, especially young boys, are horribly young to watch pornography online.

“The average age at which Australian boys are exposed to pornography online is 13 years old, which is shocking,” said Shorten.

“We’ve created a babysitter for the iPad,” he said, and despite parents using more technology than ever before, many parents have the harmful effects it can have on their children. “I didn’t notice”.

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Former opposition leader Bill Shorten shortened during a questioning time in the House of Representatives of the Houses of Parliament in Canberra, Australia, on March 17, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Sam Mooy / Getty Images)

February 2020 Survey “Protecting the Age of Innocence” (pdf), The Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on Social Policy and Legal has suggested that the impact of online pornography is serious enough to justify a new system of online age verification.

“The Commission has heard that young people are increasingly accessing and exposing pornography on the Internet, which is associated with various harms to their health, education, relationships and well-being. “The report said.

The report said age verification was not a “silver bullet”, but it could create significant barriers to prevent young people from being exposed to harmful online content.

“Online age verification technology is becoming more sophisticated, with a variety of age verification services available that seek to balance privacy, security, security with effectiveness and ease of use,” the report said. I will.

The Commission called on digital conversion agencies to lead the development of new standards for accurate and effective online age verification.

Morrison’s original message warned that social media would harm young people unless people took action to protect themselves.

“It will take our youth. It takes their courage. It will rob them of their hopes. It will steal their hopes,” he said.

“Sure, social media has its strengths and value, and you can connect with people in new ways. But those weapons can also be used by evil ones, and we Must call it. “

Daniel Teng contributed to this report.

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