Billie Eilish interrupted her own gobball performance to call for the safety of the crowd


Billie Irish Government Ball 2021

Billie Eilish will play at the Governors Ball in New York City on Friday. Taylor Hill / Getty Images For Governors Ball

  • Billie Eilish performed at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York on Friday.

  • In the middle of her song “Everything I Wanted,” she pointed to the crowd and blamed her for safety.

  • “Why don’t you pay attention? It’s true,” she said to Mike. “One job.”

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Billie Eilish She swept New York City as headliner for the Governors Ball Music Festival on Friday, but her performance wasn’t completely seamless.

Some fans had to be escorted or kicked out of the crowd, probably due to medical problems, before Irish could reach the main stage at 8:45 pm. One fan in the crowd told insiders that he had seen three other patrons vomit. (Screens and signs posted throughout the festival encouraged fans not to “overdo” and visit medical tents if they feel unwell.)

In fact, the 19-year-old superstar himself was forced to call attention to the problem in the middle of her set.

During her performance Grammy Award-winning ballad “Everything I Wanted” Irish sat on a large rectangular parallelepiped structure and lifted it onto the stage. While in the air, she pointed to a place in the crowd and accused her of “safety,” but she didn’t know exactly who she was pointing to.

“Security, why aren’t you paying attention? It’s true,” she said to Mike during the first poem of the song.

After singing a few more lines, she added, “one job.”

Sources told insiders that the perceived problem was not medical and did not threaten the safety of the crowd.

Billie Eilish All the government balls I wanted

Billie Eilish will perform “Everything I Wanted” at Gov Ball on Friday. Callie Ahlgrim / Insider

“Everything I Wanted” was co-authored by Eilish and her brother. FINNEAS O’Connell, Also plays in her live band and offers backing vocals.

The song released as a standalone single in the second half of 2019 Originally inspired by Irish’s experience with depression and suicidal ideation..

“Finius said,’I don’t want to keep making these songs that are just sad and never get better,'” Irish told The New York Times Magazine. “He wanted to make a song that would eventually settle. I was like this.” But Finius, it’s not how things work in life. “It is not””

The brothers decided to shelve the song and returned to it a few months later when “we were in a better place” after Irish went. Treatment Prioritize her mental health..

The revised lyrics are a homage to the duo’s close relationship. In the chorus, O’Connell harmonizes with Irish and sings about his brother’s support. “You say,’As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you.'”

Now, when Irish plays a song live, she gives the message to her fans.

“This song is for you,” she told the crowd on Friday at GovBall.

Gov Ball continues to perform in New York City this weekend with Megan Thee Stallion, A $ AP Rocky and Post Malone.

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