Billionaire’s wife wants donations to fight manslaughter

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / LinkedIn

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / LinkedIn

British billionaire Sir Michael Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law is seeking donations to cover the costs of protecting her from manslaughter, saying her bank account has been hacked.

Jasmine Hartin Until she was arrested last month, she was the social director of a luxurious Belize resort built by her inner husband Andrew. Deadly Shooting Police Police Officer Henry Gemot..

Since then, Hertin has experienced a spectacular dropout with her partner over the custody of her two children. Temporarily returned her to jail, And a GoFundMe post by her family says she needs money just to live.

“We now desperately need help,” he said, promising to repay the donation “in time.”

A 32-year-old Canadian admits that he killed Gemot after a drinking session after a party at the deserted pier of San Pedro, a mecca for tourism in Belize.

She claims that Gemot had shown her how to use a gun for protection when it accidentally came off. He had a bullet in his head in the water.

Lord Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law breaks silence with Belize policeman shooting

The prosecutor charged Hertin with manslaughter and tried to detain her until trial, but the judge eventually released her on bail of $ 30,000. This was posted by a husband’s employee.

While on bail, Hertin saw the children and fell into a public conflict with Andrew Ashcroft, resulting in the employee withdrawing the bail and returning her to prison until a friend paid for it.

In an interview with Belize Channel 7 news last week, Hertin said she dumped her ex and his politically connected family in the trash and they abandoned her to protect their name.

“I can’t believe how I was treated,” she said.

“From what I was told by my family, they were immediately instructed to stay away from me … they couldn’t make bad news related to their reputation.”

She said no one in her family visited her during her first prison stay and she was not allowed to talk to her children.

Written statementAndrew Ashcroft had the children come to see her in the first few days after his arrest, and after being released on bail, she said, “When I abandoned the house I arranged without telling me, I told the police. I was planning to visit again. ” , Or the guard disappeared in an unknown place. “

“I explained to Jasmine that she had to agree on a date, time and place that would be convenient for all of us who could see the children,” the statement continued. “But instead she insists on making unreasonable demands, appears without prior notice, and warns the media to deliberately create the scene.”

Hertin says she and Ashcroft have been together for seven years, but only for the last children. However, she claimed to have been financially disconnected after she was arrested.

In a GoFundMe post, her family “has hacked a Canadian bank account and lost access to funds.” Her password was changed, claiming that “thousands of money were scammed.”

The fundraiser asked for a $ 30,000 cash injection, but only $ 875 was donated a day later.

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