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Your Horoscope of the Week: April 25, 2021

This week’s retrograde motion of Pluto begins on Tuesday, April 27, at 26 degrees EST and ends on October 26, at 24 degrees Capricorn. This is a fairly long transit and its shadow period has already been in effect for some time. Pluto’s retrograde motion occurs every year and lasts 5 to 7 months. Being true to the theme of Pluto, Pluto encourages us to think about our relationship with our own power. In this case, power is a diverse subject, inviting conversations about death, debt, illness, and disability, and what we are trying to control to avoid the reality of those topics. Pluto is interested in our personal relationship with death, but we are also investing in the larger stories of mankind, viruses, dying things, and those coming from collapse. A year after the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, April endured Torean’s way — invested in systematic, resolute, and appearing as the best and most authentic version of its own. .. The consistent belief in Taurus’ fixed values ​​for self-betrayal and self-compromise is underpinned by the power of the full moon in Scorpio on April 26. The full moon in Scorpio, completed in Scorpio at 7 ° just before Pluto’s apparent retrograde, reminds us that we can only control the fear of losing control. Changes are unavoidable, so you can also count changes. This week is a great time to look back on how attachment and understanding of resources have changed. Ask yourself how your expectations for your loved ones have changed since April 25, last year. Do you think you are more tolerant of the mistakes of others? Or do you think you are paralyzing yourself when your intimate circle reflects the carelessness you witness in the wider world? Since that time last year, ponder what you need to feel safe in your resources and your relationship. How do you create space for what you need and how do you lower the priority of what you need? Taurus Sun and Aries Rise This week begins with Mars creating a train that flows through the full moon of Scorpio. Your dominant planet under the Cancer star, the sign of your fellow Cardinal, is bolder than ever, but also supported by Cancer’s intuitive tips to know the right approach to difficult situations. Has been done. Of course, in order to use your intuition, you need to turn down the white noise machine, which is a daily life and a daily controversy, and listen to the tranquility of knowing the truth in your big beautiful mind. .. It’s easy to get hooked on someone else’s drama, especially when you beat your own drama, but you don’t have time to get through the mud of others. You have a running house and a heart to repair. Illustration: Stefhany LozanoTaurus Sun & Taurus Rising By Monday, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are all under your signature star, and you are unlikely to feel the full effect of this sterium. The return of the sun is a powerful time, and the days around it are introspective, especially for those who are sensitive to the moody full moon in Scorpio. Taurus, do your best to avoid working hard on yourself for the decisions you have made in the past. Of course, it’s hard to get back to your own words, especially when it comes to promises to yourself. But your famous loyalty should be in the present, not in the one you imagined. Illustration by Stephanie Rosano With the full moon of Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising Scorpio in your sick home, you’ll probably navigate some big emotions about your body and its abilities / abilities this week. I will. Some of us have been raised to respect and respect our bodies, but most of us support what others want us to feel and what we feel. I was taught to disable it. This separation between these two realities can have the greatest impact on the moment of sexual consent, but it also feels like a more mundane moment of self-betrayal, such as fear of seeking a break or accommodation. can do. Don’t let your past experience prevent you from defending yourself, and keep in mind that sometimes saying something clearly says it best. The already fast-growing superpowers are not new enough to be reimagined. Larger and better crab shells, better suited to the environment in which you currently live. This week begins with a large, gorgeous full moon in Scorpio. It forms a flowing side to Mars. It’s the same as Sappho declared (reportedly): I cry what I can’t say. For other signs, such a sentence is amazing, but even if it happens, crying just knows that the waves have gone through and have already disappeared. Crying can be as much proof of joy as it is proof of pain. When big emotions come, put them on the shore, Cancer. As the full moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun (and Uranus) in Taurus, tensions can arise during this week’s commitment to Taurus. The outside world and your sense of belonging and kinship. Taurus Sterium is a great opportunity to think about what your ambitions are and what purpose they serve in your life. How did you come by your desire? On your own or through the predictions of others? Look back at the work you left and the bad habits you kicked as Pluto retrogrades in your sixth service home. Was there no driving force? You can now harness that power, its self-awareness. You don’t have to wait until the universe strongly armed you. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising The third home is said to be the home of communication, rituals, roommates and brothers. What these slightly different topics have in common is the process of becoming known through daily interaction. Traditionally, the moon finds joy in the third home, so the full moon in Scorpio, which presides over the 3D home, is a fun month. Since Scorpio is anxious to be known, the process of becoming known is wonderful and creates anxiety, as Scorpio is often a sign that it feels misunderstood. Remember, Dear Virgo, sometimes going out of your official role enriches the relationship between you and the people who support that role for you. , You can move forward knowing that your gut instinct is correct and the odds are in your favor. This is especially true when understanding the relationship between self-expression and resources. This isn’t hard work and pressure, but you may want to do things the old way. However, the shortage model and self-sacrifice do not have the same rewards as before. This week about reassessing what you need to know and feel safe enough to put yourself in the way you feel loyal to yourself now. is. Time to shake your old relationships and see what falls from the tree. But under the instinct of getting rid of rotten things, there is an urge to see more clearly what is true. Reconnect to a connection that you feel is genuine and worship the connection. It is a drive that Venus in Taurus is delighted with. But with this week’s Scorpio full moon and Pluto’s retrograde at the Communication House, you might consider taking a break before saying something almost meaningless. Dedicate time to the children in you alone and be their best friend first. Spring lasts for a while, but not all flowers show their true color yet. Illustration by Stephanie Rosano Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising The sterium in the sixth house of the week may feel like a bull in a dense enclosure, not like a bull in a heather. April is often a busy month, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, as businesses and institutions submit documents during the spring quarter. However, animals are always animals, and it doesn’t matter if you point your nose at the grindstone. Some of your work is non-negotiable, but it helps you deliberately schedule time for your business and towards your space. Dedication to fantasy and roaming, not “breakaway”. Honor your part knowing that you weren’t just born to make things for others. Only you can do this for you. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano Capricorn Sun & Capricorn RisingWith Venus is a Sun and Mercury company that will continue to preside over the fifth joy and self-expression house this week. If you haven’t done so already, feel the love light. This is a great opportunity to share what you have been working on with the world. You don’t have to worry about rough edges or imperfections. Knowing you, the unfinished offering you owe is the Gold Standard by someone else’s account. What’s more, it’s a necessary truth that what we put out there isn’t for everyone — and that’s a good thing. Our people find us by the cues and signs we give. Your offer is not just a contribution, but an invitation. Illustration by Stephanie Rosano Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising The feelings of the full moon are inevitably complicated for the signs that dominate the waves. Spring tides can bring big waves of emotions, and the full moon in Scorpio is very good at spending those emotions all day long. Stepping into a deep, small star is not a bad thing, but staying there can be cruel to the immune system. If you find that the waves are rising overhead and you’re tired of treading water, think about what little things can connect your back to the land. Imagine a rope-like everyday task or routine that reminds you that your emotions are powerful but not eternal. In the mundane world, ordinary magic can be a remedy if you reach for it. Own. The important things to remember are the hierarchy that these myths obscure, the relationship between tourists and indigenous peoples, and the relationship between God and supplicants. Saturn found joy in your twelfth home and was relieved of the pressure of time, but this week it will make squares on both the Moon and all the planets in Taurus. Remind yourself that there is a world that needs your attention and haste. But what is widely known may not be enough to help you make the choices you need. Guidance is, first and foremost, internal, but overcoming prejudice is not an easy task. Still, it is indispensable now. Illustration by Stephanie Rosano Like what you see? Is there a little more goodness about R29?This Taurus season will be really intense Mercury is in Taurus, so let’s take something really late Cancer Mars is pulling out our inner home body

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