Bipartisan support for Western Australia’s renewable hydrogen hub

Both the Australian Federal Government and the Opposition have supported two renewable hydrogen hubs in Western Australia (WA) with $ 140 million ($ 103.6 million) in funding.

Bipartisan federal support for the project is behind Western Australia’s $ 117.5 million investment in late 2021 to attract federal funding for Western Australia’s renewable hydrogen hubs.

The two hubs in Kwinana and Pilbara are expected to attract more than $ 410 million in private and public investment in Western Australia and create at least 3,600 jobs.

Hydrogen Industry Minister Alannah MacTiernan welcomed support from the Federal Free Labor Party.

“This $ 140 million commitment will help strengthen the renewable hydrogen industry and stimulate local demand for hydrogen to get production projects on track,” she said. release on Wednesday.

“Both the Pilbara and Quinana projects have provided great opportunities for Western Australia and we are pleased that both federal politics have supported their support.”

The Government of Western Australia has already budgeted $ 70 million for the $ 140 million Pilbara Hub with the support of various domestic and international private partners, but BP Australia has proposed 200 million. The state has provided $ 300,000 for a $ 52.5 million H2Kwinana clean hydrogen feasibility study. Industrial hub.

To produce Renewable hydrogen—Hydrogen means that it is produced using renewable energy sources such as the sun and wind power — the electrolytic cell carries an electric current through the water to separate it into hydrogen and oxygen.

This process consumes a lot of energy, but when done with 100% renewable energy, it produces a flexible, zero-emission source that is a clean alternative to coal and natural gas.

hydrogen It can be used for various purposes such as household, industrial and natural gas exchange for cooking. Fuel cells that power cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Energy storage to generate electricity for mining sites and remote communities. Production of ammonia, fertilizer and steel.

“Renewable hydrogen presents a great opportunity for WA as a whole to reduce emissions and embrace a cleaner future. Funding demand stimuli will help businesses make that leap forward,” MacTiernan said. Mr. says.

Meanwhile, from Tuesday’s campaign track, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the WA Hydrogen Hub “is focused on areas with hydrogen producers, users and potential exporters.”

“It’s an ecosystem,” he said.

Steve Milne


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