Birthday of Jesus’ twin sister, the vampire Camilla

Screenshot: TMS

Screenshot: TMS

It’s a big day, everyone: on one of the most special birthdays important religious figure On this planet, the child of the Virgin Mary.we are talking vampire Camilla, of course. Who else was there?

The wonderful story of the twins of Jesus – who, again, can’t be stressed enough – are vampires – appear in the iconic 1978 episode of Bonkers Episode. Lupin IIIIn Japan, it is called “Lupin became a vampire”. Unbelievably It was localized in English as “But Your Brother Was such a Nice Guy”. killer title.already firing on all cylinders.

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Episode 34 of Lupine III Part 2, Camilla’s case of madness begins when archaeologists discover a 2000-year-old coffin containing a mysteriously still-living woman clutching an ancient statue of the Virgin Mary. Naturally, Inspector Zenigata is brought in because he usually deals with the intersection of archaeological discoveries with potentially theological implications. identification Lupine will try to steal the statue. Of course he’s right. Lupin III And also an ancient treasure combination When A gorgeous woman is a scenario that Lupine could never resist.

Lupine III PART2 | EP 34 Lupine Becomes a Vampire | English Dubbed

When Lupine makes his move to swipe the statue, he runs into Camilla on the way and she makes her move after taking her to the village where her grave was discovered. After that, a lot of nonsense about Lupine’s companions Goemon, Jigen, and Fujiko trying to save their vampire-turned-friends leads us to the highlight of the whole thing: Camilla reveals her backstory.

Jesus was a twin and Camilla was born in Bethlehem on the same legendary night. born to be a vampirewith little fangs, her parents feared that such an evil entity could be born with the Son of God. Joseph abandoned Camilla and left with the newborn Jesus. However, Camilla survived and was raised by a pack of bats and wolves. After that, all Camilla had to do was wait until she could use her mother’s statue to fulfill her sacrificial prophecy, giving her the power to rule the world.

of course, Lupin can go sometimes a little crazy But it’s not “an alternate reality where Jesus’ vampire twin sister rules the world.”Goemon and Jigen rescue Lupine (who turns out not to actually be a vampire and was befriending to get the statue) and Fujiko, who was going to be Camilla’s victim, The gang flees until they are surrounded by Camilla and her vampire servants. own them He ties his sword and scabbard into a cross shape, throws it at Camilla, pinning her to the ground, and a bolt of lightning strikes the sword’s cross. incinerate the vampires.

It’s really great. A true story of a Christmas miracle. The season is here, folks, don’t forget cookies and garlic for Santa to protect yourself from the creatures of the night.

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