Black Army soldiers react to racist tilade at IHOP: “This is America”

    (Facebook @ Jo & # xe9; Jeffers Jr)

(Facebook @JoéJeffersJr)

army Soldier Joé Jeffers Jr. says he forgives women who have been harassed in a racial slur tilade. IHOP so video It became viral Ticktaku..

Jeffers posted an encounter at a Virginia pancake chain having lunch with a friend on Monday.

The video shows Jeffers staying calm and professional. Women call the group “lie and smoke N-words” and “Motherfucker, I drop you. Do you want to go? Do you want to go?” ? “

Jeffers posted a reaction on Facebook to explain the interaction. This started politely, but he said he ended up overcoming the booth to escape the woman.

“I hope it never happens again, but no matter where she is, it’s okay to see this wife. Forgive me. Let’s move on. Say” no “to racism,” he said. Newsweek..

Jeffers said he had dropped $ 6 on the table as a tip to the waitress, saying the woman was supporting the military. She later came back and was said to have asked them to give them $ 30-that was the amount she left-and remembered that she had only $ 6 left. When the tilade began.

Jeffers said the IHOP manager told him that the woman had done the same thing many times in the restaurant.

IHOP spokesperson confirmed in statement Independent The incident occurred at Lawton’s location on Monday, April 19th.

“IHOP and its franchisees do not tolerate the statements made by guests in this video, nor do they tolerate racism, prejudice, or any kind of harassment,” the statement said. “This isolated case does not reflect its ongoing efforts.”

Jeffers said the moment made him angry, but she was “obviously in need of help” and was sadder than angry.

“I was a rough guy. I’ve been watching racist videos in the media all the time … watching it, the media is different, but I’m really thinking about you for your skin tone When I meet people who don’t … this is America. ” “But this is the country we serve and defend. These are the people we fight.”

Joseph Richard, spokeswoman for Fort Belboir, confirmed to Newsweek that a situation between four black soldiers and an unidentified woman had occurred at the local IHOP.

“We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity, fairness and inclusiveness within our strengths,” said Richard.

“Watch the video and you’ll see that the soldiers remained calm and military during this shocking incident. They are well trained and trained.”

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