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Document reveals police officers chasing absurd Antifa and BLM tips

Photo Illustrations / Photos by The Daily Beast The graffiti on the temporary toilets at the Getty Gravel Pit was, in the opinion of a Washington resident, a sign that anti-fascists might blow up a nearby dam. Another local was convinced that the young man reading the sign was actually an “Antifa or BLM Scout.” A third party warned through an anonymous email tip that her ex-husband was part of an anti-fascist group who had come to burn the town. All of these complaints were forwarded to the entire Washington police station, and authorities warned. Left-wing threat: As racial justice protests spread nationwide in the summer of 2020, conservative fears of left-wing protesters arose as well. From Oregon to Virginia, social media lit up with rumors about anti-fascist (“anti-fascism”) or Black Lives Matter participants allegedly coming to terrorize a small town. Anacortes, the scenic city of 17,000 on the Washington coast, was no exception. From June to August 2020, the city’s police station will be concerned with the possible Antifa threat, according to a police document obtained by the government’s transparent nonprofit Property of the People and shared with The Daily Beast. I received the hint repeatedly. Even some of the most ridiculous claims have reached state-level law enforcement agencies, the documents show. Ryan Shapiro, executive director of the Property of the People, has repeatedly complained during the summer of rumors and hints about Antifa and Black Lives. After the Derek Chauvin murder in Minnesota, new fears spread through several conservative channels and law enforcement warned of possible massive anxiety, the chatter stopped. It is no exaggeration to say that. The war with 20-year-old MAGA politician Antifa was horrifying, “the conservative and law enforcement panic about Antifa and BLM went nowhere,” Shapiro told The Daily Beast. “These documents are less than a year old. In the meantime, a coup was attempted. The tensions have not cooled. We are now collectively consumed by the manufactured delusions about the social justice movement. They also believe that the presidential election was stolen with the help of Antifa and BLM. There are new large-scale protests against police violence. There is a possibility, and I think the right-wing response will be even more ferocious than last year in a way. ”The document obtained through the request for freedom of information reveals absurdity. In mid-June, residents of Anacortes contacted the local Skagit County Sheriff’s Office via the nearby social network Next Door. She and her neighbors often had tailgates. We are very peaceful. We have signs like helping your local police, helping our military, defending the police, proud to be an American, home of freedom for bravery, etc. “I will,” she wrote. A very short bleached blonde-haired young man walking around the street in front of us and reading all our particular [sic] Support your local police. He looked mean and could see inside my jeep with the tailgate up and see more of our signboards and the American flag. I have never met him. I thought it was weird, but one of our group is a retired principal and very sensitive. He confidently said the young man was an Antifa or BLM scout. When he told me it was immediately true and I was convinced he was right. Send an email to [email protected] or securely email to [email protected] from a non-work device. She said, “I hope Antifa and BLM will not come to Anacortes to harass us or endanger people. Is there a way to confirm their plans?” Skagit County The security officer forwarded the message to the Anacortes police. The sheriff’s office told The Daily Beast that he forwarded the message because the tipster lived in Anacortes. Mid-June was a popular time with rumors about the left. The next day, the Anacortes police station received its own anonymous hint from someone claiming that “my ex-husband belongs to Antifa’s group.” He called me and said he wouldn’t go anywhere.They’re at home on Sunday as they come to Anacortes to disband a group of commercials [sic] Sunday street. I love Anacortes. I’m leaving Seattle here and living a better life with my kids. Anacortes Police Chief John Small forwarded both tips to the Washington State Patrol Commander and Sergeant, as well as the sheriffs, chiefs, and detectives of five local law enforcement agencies. “I received the following interesting email from Sheriff Clark yesterday,” said Small. “Today, Antifa came to Anacortes this Sunday, implying that it caused their turmoil. I received an anonymous letter. It’s Sunday staffing, but there aren’t many people yet. Mr. Small was contacted by The Daily Beast and all of these possible threats have been proven. He said it wasn’t uncommon for police to transfer. Tips between law enforcement agencies. “I can’t talk about all the law enforcement agencies in the state, but all the agencies in Skagit County are small agencies. And because they rely on each other for “mutual assistance,” it is common to share this type of information. Mr Small told The Daily Beast. Washington wasn’t the only one to see law enforcement agencies attacked by anti-Fowlers online. Last summer in Coquille, Oregon, a sheriff helped fans antifa fear when posting on Facebook. [sic] Many ANTIFA protesters are heading from Douglas County to Cokir and then to Coos Bay. The legendary bus did not appear. And when a scammer announced a fake Antifa flag-burning event in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July, police arrived at a scene flooded with far-right groups who began to oppose the left. The following month, another alleged Antifa threat, even more violent than the others, found its way to Skagit County Sheriff, the document said. In this case, it included two ports that had fallen at a gravel pit near a boat launch in Concrete, Washington. One of the ports was spray-painted with the acronym “ACAB,” which stands for “all police officers.” It’s a bastard. The other was tagged with an A in the circle, which is the anarchist symbol. But where some observers may have seen a symbol of common vandalism, Tarekomi, who filmed Porty, saw something more ominous-perhaps even part of a plan to blow up the dam. Columbus police will kill a person when Chauvin’s conviction goes down. “Antifa seems to have gone to Lake Shannon,” Tarekomi wrote in an email forwarded to Skagit County Sheriff. “It’s very annoying. The anarchy symbol” ACAB “(all policemen are bastards) … it’s Antifa’s signature. Sure, it’s too close to the town … but I’m really worried given that Antifa is currently using explosives and organizing guns in the city, and … by being on the lake, they I was right next to the dam. I’m just saying’.you can not [sic] Be too careful, Sergeant ordered an area to monitor, claiming that anti-fascists may have previously used gravel pits as a “training area.” “Note that there were some anti-fa type graffiti on Lake Shannon. Boat launches and surrounding areas,” wrote the sergeant. “Watch and watch the area. A few years ago, there was information that some of them were using pits for training purposes.” Skagit County Sheriff spokesman when asked to comment. Told the Daily Beast that he had no information about the incident at the gravel pit. Shapiro emphasized that the complaints were exaggerated, but showed that the masses had their roots in vague threats, and police stations accepted those fears. And that has ominous implications, as protesters are back on the streets in large numbers and police are showing signs of harsh tactics. “BLM” terrorists are literally plotting in the bathroom and the situation is in barrels, “said Shapiro. “There is a direct line from this kind of deliberately triggered political hysteria to a violent and oppressive crackdown on progressive objections.” Read more in The Daily Beast. Did you get a hint? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.