Black-faced man teasing ‘Little Mermaid’ turned out to be Indonesian star’s brother

Black-faced man who posted TikTok video mocking ‘The Little Mermaid’ star Halle Bailey identified as ex-law student and brother of Indonesian star with more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram it was done.

Joshi Marcelli, brother of Indonesian actor Acha Septriasa, sparked controversy on TikTok after popular TikTok Aunt Karen shared his video Earlier this week.

In her first video on Marcelli, Aunt Karen directed her more than 1.6 million followers to his now-deleted TikTok account and said he would not delete the controversial video.

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I just woke up and my video is still up,” Marcelli said. reportedly commented Regarding his now-deleted post. “I will continue to follow the rules of the TikTok Community Guidelines. I will create content from existing rules. I will not remove the videos myself.”

The video in question features Marcelli saying “little mermaid” When show their excitement After seeing the movie’s main character, Ariel, played by a black woman.

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In the now-deleted video of Marcelli, he can be seen sitting in front of a TV. When Bailey appears on screen in the trailer for the film, the black-faced man turns around and speaks to the camera.

“Mommy, she looks just like me,” he said mockingly.

After some digging, Aunt Karen discovered that Marcelli, now banned from TikTok, is Septriasa’s brother.She also said that he used to Studied at Northwestern University Pritzker Law School in Chicago.

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Several users quickly tagged the university online, prompting Harry Osowski, dean of the Pritzker Law School: make a statement To denounce Marcehlli’s video and let the public know that he is not a current student there.

“I learned of a racist video circulating on social media,” Ossofsky wrote. It was confirmed that

The views expressed in the video in question are abhorrent and repulsive,” she continued. “University and Law Her School’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is unwavering. We strongly condemn the video.”

In her latest TikTok video about Marcelli, which has so far garnered more than 2.2 million views and 383,000 likes, Aunt Karen included some of Septriasa’s Instagram replies.already take [sic] Down his TikTok posts. I would appreciate it if you could stop this behavior too. ”

Aunt Karen too another video Marcelli’s family “want nothing to do with him.”

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