Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson shot her head in a “crisis situation”

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, Sasha Johnson, the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement, will participate in a protest at Hyde Park in London. Johnson, a British Black Lives Matter activist, is in crisis after having a gunshot wound on her head, a statement from her political party, Taking the Initiative Party, said. (AP Photo / Albert Pesari, File)

London-based Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is in a “crisis” after being shot in the head over the weekend, according to political parties.

“It’s very sad to announce that our own Sasha Johnson was brutally attacked and suffered a gunshot wound on her head,” said her political party, the Left-wing Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP). It states as follows. statement.. “She is currently in the intensive care unit and is in crisis.”

TTIP claimed she was shot dead “under the threat of numerous murders as a result of her activities,” and Johnson, the mother of three children, was “a member of BLM and an executive leadership member of the Initiative Party. He is also a member of the society. ” “

Metropolitan Police Confirmed in news release A woman was shot dead “near the partying house” in London’s Southwark district around 3 am on Sunday. It’s not clear if she was attending the party.

Epoch Times Photo
Oris Forensic Officer at Consort Road investigating Sasha Johnson’s shootings in London, England, May 24, 2021. (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images)

The Metropolitan Police Department also appeared to challenge TTIP’s proposal that she was targeted for shooting because of her political point of view or the activities of Black Lives Matter.

“There is nothing to suggest that it was a targeted attack, or that the woman had been credibly threatened against her before the incident,” the statement said. The Metropolitan Police Department did not name her.

And Johnson’s friend Iman Eighton Told ITV She is likely shot in a “more relevant” incident in the area.

“It was a party and I believe there was some dispute between two individuals or two gangsters and it was the wrong place, the wrong time,” Eighton continued. [Johnson] It was the intended victim. “

Eighton goes on to say: Again, based on the information I provided from my close friends and family, as far as we know, she is attending parties and certain gatherings, and this case is not her but a rival gangster. Related activism, let’s say it. “

A detective from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Specialist Crime Command is investigating and wants to talk to an individual who was attending the party.

“The dedicated detective team is working tirelessly to identify the person responsible for this shooting,” said Jim Tele, the detective’s chief inspector. report CNN.

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