Black man praises hero after saving older Asian man from carjacking assailant

Editor’s Note (October 7, 2022 at 5:59 PM PST): The original version of this article has been updated with additional details.

An unidentified man who prevented a carjacking allegedly targeting an elderly Asian man in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles is being hailed as a hero.

support group Black and Asian souls unite He took to Instagram to post a video of the incident, which NextShark confirmed with a neighborhood official who originally shared the video. It shows what appears to be the aftermath.

In the video, the Good Samaritan, a black man who doesn’t want to reveal his identity, can be seen pointing what appears to be a handgun at the alleged carjacker, effectively keeping him away from his victims. increase. If you zoom in on the video, you can see the latter throwing back what is presumably the Asian man’s car keys.

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“Take the fuck out of my street!” Samaritan demands before firing warning shots. “Are you coming here bullying people on my fucking street, friend?”

The man continues to keep the suspect at bay by repeatedly pushing his back until he reaches a safe distance.

Background voices are heard in the video as the scene unfolds. One of them, a presumably Asian man, shouted “thank you” after the rescuers handed over the car keys.

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Miracle Mile Zone 7 Rep. Sao Trang, who also chairs the Public Safety & Wellbeing Mid-City West Neighborhood Council, revealed the incident occurred at 700 South Ridgely Block on April 27 of this year.

Tran told Next Shark that a Mid-City resident provided the footage to Los Angeles Police Department volunteers.

After reviewing the video, she said she felt the need to share it to raise awareness.

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The video has garnered positive reactions from the public. Some declared the man in white a hero, while others described his intervention as a show of alliance between Asian and black communities.

“Man shouting ‘thank you.’ Thank him,” commented journalist Lisa Lynn.

Actor and producer Will Rex Ham said, “Yes! Thank you!”

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“This is awesome. Keep this energy up on both sides. Together we are in this mayhem,” wrote user @soft.baked.

User @ryangenji proclaimed “A true ally!”

“Good guy. Give me dim sum or Korean BBQ,” suggested user @laphilip.kai.

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