Black man sues police after being imprisoned for six days when police officers mistake him for an older white man of the same name

Shane Lee Brown and Shane Neil Brown

Shane Lee Brown on the left is drawn. On the right is a photo of Shane Neil Brown’s dateless Clark County Detention Center.Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Station via AP

  • A 23-year-old black man was arrested and imprisoned in a Las Vegas prison for six days in 2020.

  • Police misidentified him as a 49-year-old white man of the same name.

  • Shane Lee Brown, now 25, is suing Nevada police for illegal arrest, court documents show.

A 23-year-old black man was arrested and detained in two Las Vegas prisons in 2020 for six days after Nevada police misidentified him as an older tall white man of the same name.

Shane Lee Brown, now 25, is suing the Las Vegas Metropolitan and Henderson City police stations for civil rights infringement, imprisonment, negligence, and other torts.

According to him, he is seeking compensatory damages of at least $ 50,000. Complaints.

Police issued a warrant in November 2019 to Shane Neil Brown, then 49, who was accused of having a felony in possession of a firearm. Neil Brown, who was described in the warrant as a white man with brown hair, blue eyes, and a bushy white beard, was convicted of serious charges in 1994, before Lee Brown was born.

In January 2020, Henderson police pulled a black man, Lee Brown, and detained him in a city detention center.

He was detained by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police two days later, court documents show.

Lee Brown claims to have repeatedly explained to Henderson and several Las Vegas police officers that he was not the 49-year-old white “Shane Brown.”

His lawyer pointed out that an existing mugshot belonging to the white “Shane Brown” made it possible to “easily” determine that his client was misidentified and did not perform “due diligence” in the proceedings. I blame the officers for doing so.

Lee Brown remained in prison until he appeared before a judge who ordered him to be released soon. Reported by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

According to Neil Brown’s arrest report, Las Vegas police learned a week later that he was detained in San Bernardino County, California, according to KLAS-TV.

He appeared in court later that month and accepted the judicial transaction, local media said.

Insiders sought comment from Henderson and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, but did not immediately respond.

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