Black parents in the UK are more likely to support cannabis cessation and search than whites: polls


Black parents and other ethnic minority parents are more likely to use stop-and-search powers to help police in search of cannabis than white parents, according to a new study.

More than 1,000 parents were asked questions in a Deltapoll survey of think tanks Civitas..

According to the survey, 80% of BAME’s families agreed to use stop-and-search to eradicate cannabis sales on the street, compared to 70% of Caucasian parents.

Black parents were also likely to support the government’s plan for schools to regularly test teenage school children for drugs.

The report came after a dispute over Child Q, a 15-year-old black girl who was stripped by police after a teacher suspected of possessing cannabis at a school in London. No drug was found for her. The school principal later resigned and four police officers are being investigated for serious misconduct in the case.

“Tough approach to cannabis” is not popular

However, Frank Young, editorial director of Civitas, said:

According to a Civitas study, 70% of BAME parents are worried that their children are taking cannabis, while 47% of Caucasian families are unlikely to support legalization. It has been.

Young said: “Policymakers and government ministers need to be aware that they are in a hurry to legalize cannabis. British parents say it makes their job difficult and children target drug dealers. I think there will be nothing to stop the possibility of being sick, and overwhelmingly want police to take a stricter approach to cannabis on the streets.

One in three parents said Deltapoll cannabis is “as easy as ordering pizza” in London and Scotland, where medicines are most accessible.

Cannabis is commonly seen as a gateway to class A medicines like cocaine.

Simon Harding, a professor of criminology at the University of West London, told The Daily Telegraph: So that’s a possibility. Second, ethnic minority homes have very strict discipline and may not be found in white families. “

Last month, Home Secretary Priti Patel lifted stop-and-search restrictions as part of a new initiative against violent crimes in England and Wales.

Chris Summers


Chris Summers is a UK-based journalist with a particular interest in crime, police and law, covering stories from a wide range of countries.